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Penis Plugs Australia | Online Resource For All Things Urethra | Australia

Penis Plugs Australia is your online resource for information about all penis plugs and urethral sounds.  Find out all about the different methods of using a penis plug, how to use it safely, and where to buy.  Penis plugs are becoming more and more popular with men who like to experience intercourse in reverse.

There are many safety procedures you should follow to ensure your safety as this can be extreme fetish play but there are tens of thousands of fellow users who enjoy the stimulations and sensations of urethral play.  Many unique experiences have been had and shared on this site that will equip you in your first penis plug experience should you wish to experiment.

Women also get sexual enjoyment doing urethral sounding and men can manipulate their prostate and achieve orgasm with prostate stimulation using sounds.

Whatever your fetishes may be, likes or dislikes you will find this interesting reading even if you do not feel it is for you.  But if you are on the sexually adventurous side this site will let your explore avenues you may previously not have considered like using a vibrating sound to achieve climax through the head of your penis. 

Keep an open mind and we trust it will be an educational penis plug experience that will test your sexual barriers. 

WARNING:  This site is intended for persons above the age of 18 years of age and all acts should be consenting.  Extreme fetish and bondage play may accompany the use of penis plugs.