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What Is A Penis Plug | How To Use Penis Plugs | Australia


A Penis Plug is literally anything that is inserted into the male urethral opening.  Most men enjoy inserting a penis plug for sexual stimulation and play and others enjoy testing the boundaries of their urethra and enjoy the pain.  It is advisable to use quality surgical steel penis plugs rather than some innate or other object that you may find around.  As you will not be aware of what these objects are made up of or where they have been they can cause a serious health risk and in many cases may be unsafe.

There are many retailers and online merchants selling penis plugs and some even sell penis plugs made out of glass or beads.  Inserting glass into the urethra is just plain dangerous so we advise you never attempt to insert something like that which may shatter and cause irreparable damage or beads which may come loose and have to be surgically removed.

Recently with the advent of body safe silicone toys penis plugs are being made of this and this is a safe variation and will allow more flexibility of the penis whilst the penis plug is inserted.  However steer clear of penis plugs that have plastic or silicone joined to a surgical steel plug as it may become loose after use and the plug come loose making it very difficult to remove without medical intervention.

Men are the largest users of penis plugs however women will also use plugs but they tend to be shorter plugs.  Women do use however sounds and wands as much as and sometimes even more than men do.  The differences between penis plugs and urethral sounds are outlined here however basically the difference is penis plugs are specifically designed to give erotic enjoyment whilst sounds were originally designed as medical apparatus.

The list of variations of urethral insertables is limitless and they come in a multitude of shapes and sizes.  Urethral sounds are generally straight or slightly curved originally designed to increase the size of urethra to avoid blockages or the unblock obstructions that are in the urethra. Then there is the prince’s wand which is specifically designed to go hand in hand with a Prince Albert piercing where a threaded pin goes through the head of the penis and the princes wand which is then held in place in the urethra.  Prince’s wands can be hollow or cum thru, solid or hollow with a ball at the end which can be removed when the wearer wants to urinate or have sex.

Penis plugs are usually made of surgical steel and apart from the multitude of options being tapered, ribbed, smooth, lined, textured and so on the main core difference is whether they are solid or cum thru.  Cum Thru means that you are able to pee or ejaculate whilst wearing them and those that wear penis plugs during the day will ultimately choose this type.

It is a scary though the first time you contemplate using a Penis Plug as literally sticking something into the eye of your penis, your most valued private part, will take courage.  But if you are willing to do a bit of self-sexual exploration most find it well worth overcoming that fear.  Contrary to popular belief it is not going to hurt, in fact completely the opposite.  If done correctly it can be an exhilarating and enjoyable experience. 

Each man is different and each person will react differently but often correct use of a penis plug and the ultimate goal of ejaculation whilst wearing it many describe as having an orgasm from the inside out.  Certainly it is a completely different experience to a regular orgasm and many men assert that wearing a penis plug whilst having conventional sex will create a harder erection and allow for a lengthier orgasm at the end.

The only way to find out if a Penis Plug is for you is to try it and the experience.  No-one can adequately describe the feelings and each person will have unique twists on that.



Ancient Penis Plugs | Penis Plug Origin | Urethral Sex Toys

The first recorded use of penis plugs and penis rings was with the Chinese nobility in 1200AD.  Popularity of penis plugs really only grew in the late 1990’s.  Urethral sounding however has been used in women from the early 1800’s in order to clear obstructions of the urethra in women. Many women reported sexual enjoyment when this procedure was taking place and stimulation of the bladder causing relief in peeing.

Similar versions of urethral sounds were used for men in order to try to remove, prevent and kill STDs.  One of the famous scenes in the movie Cat Ballou shows Lee Marvin having a hot rod pushed up the eye of his penis to try and stave off his STD infection.

Men and women have been using objects to put up their urethra for centuries for medical reasons and after experiencing for sexual exploration and adventures……

Its use has increased rapidly.  Urethral Sex Toy play has now come into vogue and more and more people are trying it either in solo play or with a partner.

Contrary to popular belief the use of penis plugs and urethral medical sounds is not always painful and climax can be achieved by both females and men in their use.  In ancient times the use of penis plugs was in some ways treated as taboo but adornment of the penis to restrict ejaculation of the man and intensify sensations of the women was more accepted.  It is believed that some of the depictions in the Kama Sutra have men that had penis plugs inserted.


Different Penis Plugs | Urethral Sex Toy Types | Australia

Penis Plugs are made in many shapes and sizes and sometimes users may even insert objects that are not really hygienic or advised.  We highly recommend those wishing to try penis plugs do not use the following objects that have been used as penis plugs – Nails, Screws, Beans, Pens, Knitting Needles, Baby Carrots, Sticks and many more alternate and innate objects.
For those that wish to try penis plugs we recommend surgical steel penis plug and medical grade silicone penis plug and urethral wands and sound only like the following -
Prince’s Wand

Prince’s Wand

The Prince’s Wand is often referred to as the Policeman’s Nightstick and generally required a Prince Albert piercing to use.  In recent times a variation of the Prince’s Wand has been made where penile piercing is not required.  Some Prince’s Wands are solid but if you intend to wear during the day it is advisable to get a hollow cum thru.  Some Princes Wand cater for multiple penis piercings and the have multiple beads on them that are referred to as pound puppies.

Sperm Stopper

Sperm Stopper

A sperm stopper has a solid ball that goes into the urethra – not too deeply, which is attached to a rod that is bent round and attached to a glans ring.  The gland ring is put around the head of your penis to keep it in place whilst the ball will stimulate the frenulum or what is known as the V Spot of your penis. They come in all shapes and sizes but are often used by those starting out in urethral play as they are not inserted deeply.



The Through-Hole Penis Plug is more commonly referred as the thru hole and cum thru penis plug.  It can be worn for extended periods and may also be worn during sex and when urinating.   Many will add a sprinkler attachment to the end when urinating which will give a sprinkler effect when weeing and the restriction it applies on the flow will often be sexually stimulating.



Recently silicone Penis Plugs have become very popular.  Extra care must be taken with cleaning and hygiene but as silicone has a very soft and smooth surface many penis plug users are enjoying the pliable and flexible nature when inserted.


Solid penis plugs have no opening and are one complete piece so does not allow you to urinate or ejaculate whilst being worn.  They can still be used for extended periods but must be withdrawn when any fluids are required to be expelled through the urethra.



Ridged come in both solid and cum thru but give a bit more of a sensation when being inserted or removed.  Often hardcore users will tire of a smooth sleek plug and will opt for something that will give them a big more of a sensation like the ridged plug.



Tapered allows you to easily and safely stretch your urethra. You can slowly push it in until you find resistance when you should stop and slowly insert it further when your urethra relaxes.  These are a perfect plug for those starting out that wish to experience urethral stretching/

Electro Sex

Electro Sex

Because metal is the predominant material for penis plugs, they often make great electrodes for electro sex. Simply connect one lead wire to the external part of your penis plug and the other to a reference point such as a cock ring or your leg with a sticky electrode. Some may even find pleasure in electro sex pinwheels or whiskers for added sensation play. The electro stimulation sends waves through your penis so pleasing; you may find you will climax without even touching yourself!



Vibrating penis plugs feature a small yet powerful motor that will send exquisite vibrations all through your shaft. Some male love the feel of vibrations they can move up and down in their urethra to get the exact and their best point of pleasure. These penis plugs will have a large end where the battery compartment goes but recently have adopted a narrow compartment like the image of the vibrating urethral wand below.

Urethral Wand

Urethral Wand

These are similar to a penis plug except generally much longer in length.  They can be inserted deep into the urethra up to where the bladder is.  Many come in Sounding Kits and some are vibrating like the one pictured.

Sound Kits

Sound Kits

There are many medical sound kits that are used to dilate the urethra and now available as medical sex toys.  These kits are great value for money and can be used by men and women alike to get a deeper penetration.


Penis Plug Use | How To Penis Plug | Urethral Stretching

Each person’s experience with a Penis Plug or urethral toy is different but many men describe it as having an orgasm inside out.  Using a penis plug for the first time requires a few simple but necessary steps to be taken

The feeling is very difficult to explain and I'm sure it's different for every man, but the best way to explain it would be that it is like having an orgasm from the inside out. When using a plug for the first time, always clean your plug and use a good water based lube. Then relax. If you tighten up because you think it will hurt, you will never get it inserted.
Penis plugs can also come with a thru-hole, which has a hole through the middle of the shaft. These thru-hole models are designed for extended wear and for elimination of bodily fluids. A Glans ring attachment is available to help hold the plug for extended wear. Penis plugs come in a variety of lengths and diameters, so there is one for every penis size. You can get plugs that have a smooth shaft, or plugs that have a variety of lumps and bumps, each giving you a different sensation when inserted. There are also plugs that have a hoop on the end to give it that pierced look, without the pain of being pierced. In the last few years there has been the addition of vibrators to the tops of the plug for an additional thrill. Some men also find it stimulating to attach there plug to a tens unit for a bit of a shock.


Step 1.

When you receive your penis plug for the very first time you must check that it is completely smooth.  This may sound bizarre but it is the first and probably most essential step.  Feel along it carefully to make sure it does not have any unusual, bumps or lumps or even worse shards.  Remember most penis plugs are hand-made and sometimes, however rarely, there is human error and human error can really cause damage.  If your urethral toys are stamped in sizing make sure that it has been completely smoothed out if not a bit of emery paper can do the job.

Failing to carry out this necessary step may be the difference between a fantastic sexual experience and a visit to the emergency room on the hospital.  Repeat this step prior to each use of your Urethral sex toy.

Step 2.

After you have checked your penis plug is safe to use make sure it is sterile.  You do not want to get a Urinary Tract Infection or bladder infection.  Wash your plug in warm soapy water or if you have the time steam it.  Then rub it over with pure alcohol to get rid of any bacteria that may still remain – if you don’t have pure alcohol then use a high quality antibacterial toy cleaner. After use it is a good idea to clean your urethral toy as well.

Step 3.

Apply a lubricant before insertion.  The urethra, like the anus, will absorb water.  Many plug users in the past did not like using silicone lubricants as they tended to get sticky but with newer versions of silicone lubricant that are completely sterile we find these are the best choice.  The best silicone lubricant we have found so far for this use is SuperSlyde Silicone lubricant and Australian stockists can be found here.

Apply a generous amount of lubricant onto the plug and the urethra and slowly and gently insert it into the eye of your penis.  DO NOT FORCE IT if you encounter resistance stop until your urethra relaxes and then slowly insert some more.  Especially first timers and novices take it slow and you will learn what works for you.

Step 4.

Once the plug is in hopefully you will begin to get arousing sensations.  Slowly move the plug in and out to intensify these sensations.  Your penis will start to become erect and you will feel like masturbating.  This will only occur if you are relaxed.  It is up to you now whether you masturbate externally with the penis plug in or continue masturbating with the use of the plug.  If you have a solid penis plug you must remove it before ejaculation and for novices this is a good idea.

First time users often do not experience the full enjoyment possible with a penis plug as the urethra will tight up around the plug as it is a new sensation.  The more experienced you become with Urethral Toys and Urethral Play the more you will enjoy it and experiment with penis plugs.  Always go slowly, especially at first.

Many plug users will incorporate a penis plug with their lover or partner and their partner may take control of the plug or it may be worn during sex.  It is claimed that the wearing of a penis plug during sex will create a harder erection and will certainly restrict ejaculation making your cum longer and stronger.

There are also buddy penis plugs on the market (double ended penis plugs) but if you are to share or buddy penis plug use please be especially cautious and remember hygiene and penis plug safety.