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Penis Plug Use | How To Penis Plug | Urethral Stretching

Each person’s experience with a Penis Plug or urethral toy is different but many men describe it as having an orgasm inside out.  Using a penis plug for the first time requires a few simple but necessary steps to be taken

The feeling is very difficult to explain and I'm sure it's different for every man, but the best way to explain it would be that it is like having an orgasm from the inside out. When using a plug for the first time, always clean your plug and use a good water based lube. Then relax. If you tighten up because you think it will hurt, you will never get it inserted.
Penis plugs can also come with a thru-hole, which has a hole through the middle of the shaft. These thru-hole models are designed for extended wear and for elimination of bodily fluids. A Glans ring attachment is available to help hold the plug for extended wear. Penis plugs come in a variety of lengths and diameters, so there is one for every penis size. You can get plugs that have a smooth shaft, or plugs that have a variety of lumps and bumps, each giving you a different sensation when inserted. There are also plugs that have a hoop on the end to give it that pierced look, without the pain of being pierced. In the last few years there has been the addition of vibrators to the tops of the plug for an additional thrill. Some men also find it stimulating to attach there plug to a tens unit for a bit of a shock.


Step 1.

When you receive your penis plug for the very first time you must check that it is completely smooth.  This may sound bizarre but it is the first and probably most essential step.  Feel along it carefully to make sure it does not have any unusual, bumps or lumps or even worse shards.  Remember most penis plugs are hand-made and sometimes, however rarely, there is human error and human error can really cause damage.  If your urethral toys are stamped in sizing make sure that it has been completely smoothed out if not a bit of emery paper can do the job.

Failing to carry out this necessary step may be the difference between a fantastic sexual experience and a visit to the emergency room on the hospital.  Repeat this step prior to each use of your Urethral sex toy.

Step 2.

After you have checked your penis plug is safe to use make sure it is sterile.  You do not want to get a Urinary Tract Infection or bladder infection.  Wash your plug in warm soapy water or if you have the time steam it.  Then rub it over with pure alcohol to get rid of any bacteria that may still remain – if you don’t have pure alcohol then use a high quality antibacterial toy cleaner. After use it is a good idea to clean your urethral toy as well.

Step 3.

Apply a lubricant before insertion.  The urethra, like the anus, will absorb water.  Many plug users in the past did not like using silicone lubricants as they tended to get sticky but with newer versions of silicone lubricant that are completely sterile we find these are the best choice.  The best silicone lubricant we have found so far for this use is SuperSlyde Silicone lubricant and Australian stockists can be found here.

Apply a generous amount of lubricant onto the plug and the urethra and slowly and gently insert it into the eye of your penis.  DO NOT FORCE IT if you encounter resistance stop until your urethra relaxes and then slowly insert some more.  Especially first timers and novices take it slow and you will learn what works for you.

Step 4.

Once the plug is in hopefully you will begin to get arousing sensations.  Slowly move the plug in and out to intensify these sensations.  Your penis will start to become erect and you will feel like masturbating.  This will only occur if you are relaxed.  It is up to you now whether you masturbate externally with the penis plug in or continue masturbating with the use of the plug.  If you have a solid penis plug you must remove it before ejaculation and for novices this is a good idea.

First time users often do not experience the full enjoyment possible with a penis plug as the urethra will tight up around the plug as it is a new sensation.  The more experienced you become with Urethral Toys and Urethral Play the more you will enjoy it and experiment with penis plugs.  Always go slowly, especially at first.

Many plug users will incorporate a penis plug with their lover or partner and their partner may take control of the plug or it may be worn during sex.  It is claimed that the wearing of a penis plug during sex will create a harder erection and will certainly restrict ejaculation making your cum longer and stronger.

There are also buddy penis plugs on the market (double ended penis plugs) but if you are to share or buddy penis plug use please be especially cautious and remember hygiene and penis plug safety.