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Choosing A Beginners Urethral Sound | Sex Toy Guide

Urethral sounds are incredible sex toys made for profound urethral investigation as they are much longer than Penis Plugs. It is highly recommended that only experienced Penis Plug wearers can begin to use Urethral Sounds that are specifically made for learners. Urethral Sounds are able to access further down the urethral passage to deeper nerve endings. Since the person who uses Urethral Sounds are going deeper it can bring along certain dangers. If you are wanting to use Urethral sounds you must do a lot of research first to understand everything that is involved.

  • Understand how to use Urethral Sounds.
  • Understand how to use Uethral Sounds with personal safety.
  • Understand which types of urethral Sounds beginners can use. Keep in mind that urethral sounds regularly come in kits, so there are various sizes in one pack. You should be able to pick which urethral sound you should use out of the kit.

Beginners Urethral Sound Recommendations


The shape of a Urethral Sound should work with your body and provide you with a sexy design.

Soft Bends

Beginners can use Urethral Sounds with gentle bends that work with the shape of the urethra. Decide on straight sounds or those with a slight bend. The best sounds for apprentices in light of the shape are Hegar sounds, Dittle sounds and Rosebud sounds.

Articulated Bends

A few sounds aren’t recommended for beginners especially ones that have articulated and precise bends made for focused stimulation of the bladder and prostate. This type of Urethral Sounds should not be used by a beginner because they can cause excruciating pain if not used correctly.


The most ideal approach to find a gentle Urethral Sound that works with your body is to pick one that is smooth, moderately straight, and solid with gentle bends. The urethra itself actually bends a bit, so your first solid can have a gentle bend. The gentle bend may make the experience more comfortable.

Sinda Vibrating Uretheral Sound with Ring Photo
Sex Toy: Sinda Vibrating Uretheral Sound with Ring


Urethral sounds are longer than Penis Plugs long sounds appropriate for profound urethral incitement.A standout amongst the most imperative things to remember is the sounding gadgets size. Urethral sounds come in a wide range of lengths and circumferences. It is recommended that people pick on that does not go to deep.


Beginners should use shorter Urethral Sounds until they gain more experience in Urethral Play. The recommended Urethral Sounds in regards to length include Dittle sounds and Hegar sounds. You can also try Hank sounds as they have a unique rib that prevent the user from going in to far. Hank Sounds are ideal for transitioning from a shorter to longer sex toys.


Those long sounds are made for bladder and prostate incitement. While they can be exceptionally energizing and stirring, hold up until you increase some involvement with sounding before you attempt them.


When buy Urethral Sounds they normally come in kits with differing ranges of sizes.They are sold in kits because as your urethra begins to expand with the smaller size, you choose the next width up to continue on your urethral play. Don’t be compelled to stick thick sounds inside your penis work your way from littler sounds to the greater ones.

Like Penis Plugs, Urethral Sounds must be fitted to the size of your urethra. Learners ought to utilize the width of their urethra as a guide – the picked urethral sound ought not to be thicker nor more slender than the urethra itself. This is the best way to guarantee comfort and diminish the danger of wounds. Begin with that one and after that proceed onward to thicker sounds once you get used to the inclination. On the off chance that you have done some extending and in the event that you have some involvement with sounding you ought to have the capacity to embed a sound easily and without an issue. That being stated, be careful with the super-thin sounds! While your first urethral sound ought not to be too thick, it ought to be sufficiently enormous for a learner to control.

Super-thin urethral sounds can be sharp, which is extremely risky in light of the fact that they can make tears in the tissue and puncture your urethra, making false entries. This is extremely difficult and exceptionally hazardous. Another issue with thin urethral toys is that they can essentially slip inside, so they are hard to hold and control, expanding the danger of wounds. Keeping in mind the end goal to remain safe, novices are prescribed to stay away from the most slender urethral sounds in the packs and super-thin urethral toys by and large. These are really prescribed to more experienced clients who wish to accomplish some serious focused on incitement. In view of the thickness, the best sounds are Hegar, Dittle sounds, and Rosebud sounds.


Another imperative thing to remember is the material. Urethral Sounds are made of a wide range of materials, and some of those are not by any means body-accommodating.

Materials that are made to be bendable, delicate, flexible or elastic are not recommended to be used with Urethral Sounds. The issue with super-delicate and adaptable sounds is that they do not make it possible to provide efficient insertion or stimulation and are harder to control. Since these materials are soft they can’t widen or stretch the urethra.

Elastic materials are more porous and can’t be cleaned thoroughly leaving behind traces of bacteria on the sex toy. Since you are using a long Urethral Sound you will be more likely to transfer bacteria to the bladder causing infections. You will need to invest in a body safe and non-porous Urethral Sound that leaves behind almost no bacteria when cleaning.

For every one of these reasons, the most secure sounds to utilize are body safe Surgical Steel Sounds. Surgical Steel is solid yet smooth. Since you have worked your way up to using a solid, wider and longer urethral sex toy as long as you use lubricant the experience of insertion should be similar to that of a Penis Plug. They can also be sterilised completely.


Always choose Urethral Sounds that have been specifically made for beginners. People have been where you have been before so use their knowledge wisely. The safest and only choice of material you should choose is Surgical Steel that is smooth and not textured. The Urethral Sound should also match the width of your urethra whilst the shape should have a gentle curve to fit your urethra. The best Urethral Sound Kits for beginners include the Hegar, Dittle and Rosebud Sounds. When you get more used to urethral sounding you can move to greater mind boggling sounds that will fill your body with wonderful orgasms.

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