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A Guide to Perfect Sex for Every Penis Type

It is quite a frustrating experience when you cannot have sex with someone you met on dating sites or real-life, simply because your parts do not matc[……]

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How To Use A Penis Plug Safely

Penis Plug Safety | Sex Toy Guide

Using a Penis Plug Safely for the first time requires 10 necessary to be taken which include: Purchase a Penis[……]

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How To Introduce Penis Plugs Into Your Relationship

Sometimes in a relationship you may want to think about adding something new into the mix of your sexual encounters with your partner. With time, you[……]

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Beginners Penis Plug & Urethral Sound Guide

Penis Plugs Materials, Types and Choices | Sex Toy Guide

There is a large selection of Penis Plugs for urethral play to choose from but it is very im[……]

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