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How To Have The Best Phone Sex Experience

The Best Phone Sex

Many people shy away from The Best Phone Sex because of how explicit and vocal they have to be while over the phone. They will never be able to experience the beauty of it, on account of their shyness. We get it! It can be super intimidating. But if your someone who has sex in person”,  you can do it over the phone too.

Overcoming Initial Awkwardness

Remember that once the two of you ease into things, it won’t be awkward anymore. Each time I had phone sex with a boyfriend or even my fiancé, it felt weird at first but amazing later on. In life, it’s often the things that make us uncomfortable in the beginning that leave us feeling completely invigorated in the end. One way to look at it is how the person on the other end has nothing else to fantasize about but you in that moment. This alone is a huge compliment and turn-on, knowing you can make someone climax without even touching them.

Ways to Have the Best Phone Sex Experience

Always Get Permission and Talk About It First

There should never be a moment when you just jump into phone sex out of nowhere, unless it’s with someone you’ve been with for years. Sometimes, a person isn’t in the right frame of mind or in the right place to do it. They may even be far from their bed at the moment of impact, so always make sure first.

The two of you should discuss everything, literally everything. What do you not want him or her to say? Are there any trigger words? Is there anything that could immediately end the conversation? Plan it out and set it up like a date, but a sex date over the phone.

Ensure Your Environment is Suitable

Even if you’ve talked about it and your partner is ready to go, check the temperature of the room first. Are you ready to lay down and start this steamy, hot conversation, or do you have to cook dinner in five minutes? Make sure your mind is relaxed and you don’t have anything to do for at least a couple of hours.

Beyond just your environment, make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. You need to feel sexy and vulnerable. Sometimes a shower beforehand can help with that, or if you love doubles of everything, maybe you could have a pre-game orgasm.

Know What to Say and What Not to Say

Easing into phone sex is probably the hardest part. Sometimes, people start making noises before they say much at all. Make sure you’ve talked about the no-no words, the turn-offs, and, of course, the go-to words to make things come to a head.

For example, a woman may like the word ‘pussy’ but get very turned off by the c-word, as many women do. Men, on the other hand, may get upset if you even crack a smile when he pulls his pants down. It’s all about personal preferences and boundaries—we all have them.

Masturbate together

The best way to get the ball rollinis to start masturbating together, and letting each other know exactly what you are doing too. This is where your word play kicks in, and the tone of your voice can mean everything as well. Make sure you keep the tone in your voice low and calm, playful yet serious, and a little of everything all rolled up into one. Make the other person feel comfortable and be silly if you have to, to break the ice.

Masturbating together then letting each other know what youre doing simultaneously will almost always set the mood and everything else just follows after. This is where you could start saying things that will set them off, something like Im getting really wet thinking about you” or youre making me so hard right now” are some of the best ice-breakers.

Utilize the Room Around You

We’re not saying to grab the nearest hairbrush and shove it inside you, but use things near you to enhance the pleasure. Have some porn? Turn it on and listen while you have fun with your partner. Prefer light, sexy music instead? Turn on your favorite CD to “bump and grind” too. And yes, if you have sex toys (or something sanitary that can double as a sex toy), go for it!

Enhancing the surrounding room with background noise or visuals, or using toys to boost the pleasure, will allow you to open up and be free during the phone sex experience.

Dirty Talk… More Dirty Talk… and Did We Say Talk Dirty?

One of the leading phone sex chat lines, PhoneSexChat.com, teaches us that talking dirty is the single most important thing about having an amazing phone sex experience—and I couldn’t agree more! You can’t have a great session over the phone with just moaning and noises; you’ve got to bring those feelings and actions to life.

After all, we can’t see what you’re doing, so you have to tell us.

Live Out a Fantasy

One of the hottest things a girl or guy could ever do for their partner is to allow them to live out their fantasy. So, if he’s always wanted to bang a hot nurse, guess who you’re going to be today? If she’s always wanted to hang on to some rock-hard firefighter’s muscles, get ready to whip out your hose! Since our brains are what gets us roaring and ready, you must get your mindset right and think about your partner in a sexy way for takeoff!

Relive a Hot, Steamy Moment of Yours

I’m sure the two of you have already had a hot, steamy, and sexual moment together. Rehash that moment or those hours of passion. While you’re touching yourself and they touch themselves, you can reminisce on how amazing that night was for you when he went so deep inside you for the very first time. Remind him how he made you cum faster than anyone ever has.

For him, he could let her know how tight she felt and how, on the night they made love on the couch, he almost couldn’t get it in a third time because she felt so good on his dick. Making them feel like the king or queen of the world, coupled with the hot, steamy moment you had and are having right now, is a surefire way to spice up the phone sex and make them cum… again.

Send Pics, Get on Skype/Facetime, and Add to the Fun

We’re living in a time where the phone is no longer just an apparatus to call someone. Now you can call someone, turn on the camera, and show your face (and body) too. Since we didn’t have this growing up in my days, I can only imagine how this will turn out if the phone by itself was a pleasure hero.

Don’t send too many pics and certainly don’t send pics of the same ‘thing’ over and over. Spice it up and leave something for him or her to imagine. Only use Skype or Facetime if you’re having phone sex with someone you really love or care about. Otherwise, you could end up on a porn site, and you certainly don’t want that. At least, not unless you’re getting paid, right?

And For The Finale:

Whatever you can do to entice your lover or partner and help them visualize what you are doing and how you are feeling, rather than just letting them hear you. Being able to see, know, and hear what it feels like when you pleasure yourself, for your partner, is a recipe for the best phone sex experience you’ll ever have!

Now, go pick up the phone and plan out that next phone sex session with your partner right away!

Fetishes and Kinks
Kinks and Fetishes

Take Your Fetishes and Kinks to the Next Level

Fetishes and kinks are nothing to be ashamed about. We all have them, and studies have shown that we tend to be a lot happier in life when we choose to embrace them and benefit from them.

Sadly, satisfying our kinks and benefiting from them is still not a totally acceptable norm in society. Luckily, there are platforms online that make it easy to satisfy these kinks and even connect with other people who share the same sexual interests that we do.

What’s more, for those who have the talent and who don’t mind showcasing it to the world, there is even an opportunity to achieve incredible financial freedom.

Earning Money from Kinks Online

Many people don’t know this, but it is indeed possible to earn thousands of dollars every week thanks to kinks and fetishes. How do you do this, you ask? By registering on adult platforms and putting on a show that reflects kinks and fetishes that you have, that others are curious about, and that they also share a love for.

Adult cam platforms are where people come to showcase their sexuality on cam shows and get rewarded for it. And what’s more, it has become common knowledge that models and broadcasters tend to garner more attention when they specialize on their kinks and fetishes.

Of course, an important question to consider, apart from identifying your kink, is which platform to register on.

Registering on the right cam platform can go a long way in making your life as a cam model a lot easier. Not only does it determine how much you’ll be able to earn, it also determines how big you’ll be able to grow.

For this reason, we usually recommend that our readers register on Chaturbate cam website.


Chaturbate has an edge over its competitors thanks to the fact that it excels in pretty much every key metric you’ll want a cam platform to excel in.

It is simple to navigate, has an enticing rewards system, and of course it boasts of millions of users, and, with the right strategy and dedication, a significant chunk of them will become your loyal fans in no time.

Finding a Long-Lasting Connection

Apart from making money on these platforms, showcasing your kinks and fetishes on Chaturbate can also go a long way in helping you build long-lasting connections with similar minded people.

It is hard to find people in real life who like the same fetishes that we do. For those with really specific fetishes, it is almost impossible to share them with another person in the first place.

On the cam platforms, however, things are extremely easy. Not only are you safe from judgment, but you are even rewarded and admired for it. And of course you get to be in constant contact with the people who love you for what you do.

These are great recipes for making good friends and a solid connection with people.

Optimizing Your Chances

It is worth mentioning that there is a way you can optimize your chances on Chaturbate to achieve all of your goals. With the strategy, you put yourself in the best position to not only become popular and make a lot of money on the platform, but also to connect with like-minded people with the same sexual interests.

This strategy is also simple and straightforward enough. It is none other than customizing your profile. Chaturbate, you see, allows users to customize their profile with beautiful graphics.

This way they can stand out and communicate key information to people who visit their profile. You too can use this as a way to build curiosity and let people know what you’re into, and the things you’re willing to do. Doing this ensures you only get to connect with people who are also interested in what you’re interested in. And as mentioned earlier, template customization on Chaturbate is quite straightforward when you do it right.

All you have to do is visit Designurbate.com, gain access to their variety of profile design graphics and edit to suit your taste. What’s more, getting your design on Designurbate is totally free and the whole process can be completed in just a few minutes.

Urethral Sex Toys For Women Enhance New Pleasures

Urethral Sex Toys

There are women who would love to invest time into urethral sex toys play however are uncertain of the type to choose. Although the idea of inserting a Penis Plug or Urethral Sound into a penis is heard of, it can be quite confronting to insert one into the urethra of a woman. You don’t need to have a penis to appreciate urethral incitement.

Actually there are a lot of urethral sex toys ladies can use to experience delight and intense climaxes. A number of the standard sex toys made for men can likewise be utilised by ladies who wish to attempt urethral play. All you need to do is pick the right one.

Exploring Urethral Play: An Introduction

Like all other sexual activities, urethral play requires time to adapt to the sensations and enhance the experience. By moving slowly and adhering to safety protocols, you can ensure the most comfortable and pleasurable journey possible. Similar to the guidelines on dating websites, these safety measures are essential for protecting your well-being. If discomfort arises, consulting a medical professional about urethral play is advisable.

Understanding Urethral Differences in Women

Women’s urethras are notably narrower than men’s, necessitating careful consideration of the size of urethral toys—both width and length. Typically, women’s urethral toys are designed to be shorter and slimmer. However, with gradual training and stretching, accommodating larger urethral toys, such as sounds, becomes feasible.

Discovering Hidden Pleasures

Utilizing urethral sex toys unlocks access to concealed erogenous zones. By exploring through the urethra, you can uniquely stimulate areas like the underside of the clitoris and the G-spot from above. This direct approach can offer novel and intense pleasure.

Guidelines for Urethral Toy Sizes

Length Considerations

For women, the key focus is the first few inches of a urethral sound, which are inserted into the urethra. Those with an exceptionally short urethra need only a small portion of the toy to experience stimulation. It’s crucial never to force a urethral toy too deep. Ideally, stop inserting when you meet resistance, or even before reaching the bladder to ensure safety.

Comfort and Control

Long urethral toys are advantageous for women as they can be easily held in various positions, whether sitting or lying down. This versatility allows for relaxation and self-pleasure without straining the arms or hands.

Width Specifications

Women’s Urethral Stretching: A Careful Journey

The Basics of Urethral Stretching

Women can stretch their urethra to accommodate regular urethral sex toys, though the process requires patience due to the initial narrowness. This journey should never be rushed; taking your time ensures safety and effectiveness in stretching your urethra to a suitable size.

Progressing in Urethral Play

As your urethra begins to stretch, it becomes wider and longer, necessitating the use of wider urethral sex toys. Using thinner toys that no longer fit can pose risks, so it’s essential to upgrade your toys as your body adapts.

Choosing the Right Urethral Sex Toy for Women

No Specific Toy? No Problem!

Although there’s no urethral sex toy designed specifically for women, many existing toys are suitable. However, certain urethral sounds designed for deep stimulation or prostate play are not advisable for women.

Toy Types and Uses

  • Beginner Urethral Toys (Beginner Penis Plug): Perfect for novices, these toys are generally shorter, making them easier to manage without worrying about depth during urethral play.
  • Urethral Stretchers (Tapered Penis Plug): Ideal for those who want to gradually stretch their urethra to accommodate larger toys. These start small and increase in size, encouraging gentle progress.
  • Regularly-Sized Urethral Toys (Solid Penis Plug): Recommended for women who have some experience and an already stretched urethra.

How to Use Urethral Sounds for Women

Urethral Sounds for Pleasure

Women can use urethral sounds to clear blockages or explore the urethra for pleasurable sensations. Sounding can enhance masturbation, leading to intense orgasms. When performed by another person, it can offer an electrifying sexual experience.

The Impact on Women

Unlike men, women do not have a prostate, so how do urethral sounds affect women? Much of the clitoris is beneath the surface, and urethral sounds can reach and stimulate these hidden erogenous zones within the urethra.

Safety and Sensitivity

The female urethra is extremely sensitive, shorter, and tighter than a man’s, making it crucial to use the correct tools and proceed with caution. Inappropriate experimentation without suitable tools can lead to injuries.

Further Applications and Cautions

Women can also use urethral sounds to gently widen the urethra enough to insert a small finger, potentially allowing for simultaneous external and internal clitoral stimulation. This practice is akin to the functionality of the Princess Albertina piercing, which passes through the urethra and exits at the top of the vagina. However, it’s vital to avoid pushing urethral sounds beyond the urethra as enhanced sensations do not increase with deeper insertion, and there’s a risk of damaging the bladder.

Urethral Female Play
Urethral Play By Women

1. Masturbation

For a women to insert a plug or urethral sound it is recommended to do a lot of foreplay to ensure her mind and body are both sexually stimulate to achieve penetration. When you are stimulated your urethra grows so it’s less demanding to embed the toy. Only when you have been fully stimulated and aroused, may you begin the insertion of the urethral sex toy.

2. Lubricate

The sound must be generously lubricated to help insertion. Make a point to add lubricant to the tip and body of the toy. Also place lubricant to your urethral opening. Keep your lubricant nearby for future use and you are prepared to begin.

3. Use A Mirror

It’s here where you need to play close regard to what you are doing. If you need additional help, you can use a mirror to locate the entrance to your urethra.

4. Insertion

Since the urethral opening is exceptionally little, ensure you have a stable hand. With the use of one hand, spread the vagina lips to uncover the urethra. Contingent upon the length of the toy, you may need to balance it out with your fingers as you delicately direct it into urethra. Nonetheless, remember that female urethra is just a couple inches long, so you won’t have the capacity to embed the toy deeply. The first few inches are suitable for profound stimulation and arousal. In any case, since the urethra is significantly shorter than the one inside the penis, you should be extremely cautious not to embed the toy too profoundly.

5. Try Again Later

You may have the capacity to embed just the tip, this is alright. You may attempt again at a later time. While you may encounter incredible outcomes on your first attempt, don’t be demoralized on the off chance that it doesn’t occur. It as a rule requires some investment and various sessions to have the capacity to embed a toy.

6. Slippage

Sometimes you may accidently slip the Urethral sex toy into the vaginal opening rather than the urethra. This can happen every so often due to the lubrication and size of the urethra opening. On the off chance that this happens, try to appropriately re-clean your urethral toys before you proceed. This is totally essential since you have to avoid urinary tract diseases. To dodge urinary tract diseases, ensure all your toys are sanitized and cleaned at all circumstances.

7. In And Out Technique

If you have inserted it correctly, when you are comfortable, slowly take out the urethral sound place more lubrication on it and slowly place it back in. The urethra will gradually become wider and a bigger sound can be pushed tenderly and profoundly as required. Once the sex toy is inside, you may begin testing to perceive what feels the best and what makes you excited. Whatever you do, be that as it may, remember to go gradually and tenderly or else you may cause harm to yourself. In the event that you discover this action fortifying, make a point to go delicately and to just move the toy for not as much as an inch in both headings. Try not to endeavour to evacuate the toy completely and after that set it back rapidly. Rather, try to keep at any rate the tip of the toy inside as you move it in and out.

8. G-Spot Stimulation

Something else you may wish to attempt is to empower your G spot through the urethra. Attempt to delicately shake the toy against your vaginal divider which is situated under the urethra. You should be exceptionally cautious while doing this, and this type of play requires some practice. Nonetheless, with enough tolerance and unwinding, odds are that you will have the capacity to discover new sweet spots to empower.

9. Masturbation

You may attempt delicate masturbation with the toy inside. You may rub your clitoris or delicately embed fingers or toys into vagina or anus. In any case, make a point to go tenderly. Remember that you have to hold the urethral toy to stabilise it with your other hand. Normally a moderate stroking movement is the best but she will decide what will work most comfortably within the moment and build herself to climax. It may take a couple days of attempting urethral play until she is able to feel comfortable with the new sensations or accomplish a comfortable orgasm. Remember that urethral incitement dependably requires persistence and delicate moves, so don’t surge things out. You will bit by bit realize what feels the best and how to appreciate urethral play minus all potential limitations.

10.  After Urethral Play

Like men, urethral sounds can cause a burning sensation for women to which is a normal sensation. When a women urinates she may experience intense pain for a couple days. The uncomfortable feeling should stop with more experience using the urethral sound.

Women’s Wellbeing: Safe Urethral Stimulation Practices

Educate and Communicate for Safety

The most effective way to ensure safety during urethral stimulation is to be well-informed about all potential risks and adhere to best practice guidelines. It is crucial to consult a medical professional regarding the use of women’s urethral sex toys and the associated safety measures.

Understanding and Mitigating Risks

The primary risks associated with urethral stimulation include urinary tract infections (UTIs) and physical injuries. Women’s shorter urethra heightens the risk of UTIs compared to men. This makes infection a significant concern for female urethral stimulation enthusiasts. To minimize the risk of infections, it’s essential to keep urethral toys impeccably clean and sanitized. Always cleanse them before each use to avoid contamination. For example, handling toys with unwashed hands can compromise their sterility. Whenever possible, use sterile gloves during urethral play to maintain cleanliness and safety.

Post-Use Care Is Critical

Moreover, never overlook the importance of cleaning your toys after each session and storing them in a secure place. Maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of your toys is mandatory to reduce the likelihood of UTIs.

Use a Sterile Lubricant

Importance of Proper Lubrication

Using sterile lubricant is crucial for urethral stimulation. Surgilube is an excellent choice for those engaging in this activity, as it helps prevent infections and ensures smoother insertion.

Preventing Injuries

When it comes to preventing injuries, focus on two main aspects: selecting the right tools and gentle usage. It is vital to use only those sex toys specifically designed for urethral play. Avoid makeshift items from around the house as they are not suitable and can increase the risk of harm. Many urethral toys are designed to be exceptionally smooth, facilitating easier insertion.

The Risks of Deep Urethral Stimulation

Inserting urethral toys too deeply into the bladder is fraught with dangers, as it can cause injuries and heighten the risk of UTIs. While some women may engage in more extreme forms of urethral stimulation, such practices are highly risky and generally not recommended.

Adhering to these guidelines can make urethral stimulation a safer and more enjoyable experience, emphasizing the importance of proper care and the use of appropriate tools.