How To Use A Penis Plug Safely

Use A Penis Plug Safely

To use a Penis Plug Safely requires 10 necessary steps to be taken. Below we have listed these essential steps in detail.

1. Purchase A Penis Plug And Lubricant

Purchase a Penis Plug or urethral sex toy which works with your skill level. Spend some money on a good Penis Plug that will make you feel comfortable to use. Owning a quality, body safe Penis Plug is for hygienic and safety purposes. You must also purchase a sterile surgical lubricant (See step 5 for lubricant recommendations).

2. Check For Human Error

Most Penis Plugs are hand-made and sometimes, however rarely, there is human error which can cause serious damage. You will need to examine your Penis Plug for human error. When you have a look at your Penis Plug ensure that it is completely smooth. Feel along the Penis Plug to carefully make sure it does not have any unusual bumps, lumps or shards. If you find the Penis Plug has a manufacturing fault, do not use it.

If your urethral sex toys are stamped in sizing, make sure that it has been completely smoothed out if not a bit of emery paper can do the job. Failing to carry out this necessary step may be the difference between a fantastic sexual experience and a visit to the emergency room at the hospital. Repeat this step prior to each use of your Penis Plug.

3. Ensure You Have A Hygienic Environment, A Sterilized Urethral Sex Toy And Body

The Penis Plug must be cleaned before and after use. Make sure it is sterile as you do not want to get a urinary tract infection or a bladder infection.

· Warm Soapy Water and Anti-Bacterial Spray

Wash your plug in warm soapy water or if you have the time. Rub the Penis Plug with pure alcohol to get rid of any bacteria that may still remain. If you don’t have pure alcohol then use a high quality antibacterial sex toy cleaner. When you are cleaning you should ensure your hands are germ free or you should wear medical gloves.

· Sterilise in Boiling Water

If the Penis Plug is made from body safe surgical steel, you will be able to sterilise it in boiling water for 30 minutes or more. What the Penis Plug comes in contact with, whether it’s your hands or a piece of cloth, it will expose it to bacteria of that item. Ensure you are handling the urethral sex toy hygienically. Allow the Penis Plug to cool down to a body safe temperature before use. The pot or glass skillet which you use should have no scratches on it to guarantee your urethral sex toy will not be damaged during the cleaning process.

· Clean Your Hands and/or Wear Medical Gloves

You will also need to have clean hands before urethral play. You can cut your nails, make sure they are smooth and be sure to clean under your nails and between your fingers.  If you would like, you can use medical gloves to ensure your experience will be 100% hygienic.

· Clean the Genital Area

The wearer needs to clean their penis or vulva before urethral play, before play it is recommended to have a shower. You can wipe iodine or a surgical scrub on the area to create a layer where no bacteria can live.

· Clean Surfaces

Use an area that has been cleaned and dried. You can go to your local pharmacy to purchase a sterile cloth to put clean instruments on.

  • Bacterial Wipes: Have bacterial wipes nearby in case you need to clean up during urethral play.
  • Don’t Share Your Sex Toy:  Urethra sex toys should not be shared.

4. Urinate

When using Penis Plugs or urethral sex toys micro tears may occur which can lead to an infection or pain. For women it is recommended to urinate before and after urethral play to flush out unwanted harmful bacteria from the urethra. Men can also find it difficult to orgasm if they have a full bladder and should urinate before and after urethral play to. If you don’t urinate, you may feel like peeing during urethral play.

Mens Urethra
Urethra Diagram

5. Lubricate

Presently there is a risk of triggering irritation and small tears to the urethra when using urethra sex toys even if done 100% correctly. The discomfort and sores could occur and make the urethra extremely susceptible to colonisation by foreign bacteria that may have recently been introduced with the insertion of a urethra sex toy. Introduction of foreign bacteria in to the urethra can contaminate, cause discomfort and pain. This will happen in women especially because of their short length of their urethra it is very easy for the micro-organisms to cause bladder infection or urinary problems. Never flush any fluids or add anything to the bladder.

In professional medical facilities infections can occur within the urethra and bladder, these appear to be a normal occurrence. If you experience symptoms of an infection, it is recommend to see a medical professional like a doctor straight away who may prescribe you antibiotics if needed.

Men have a lengthier sized urethra this means their bladder is positioned further away from the stimulation point. It is considerably more difficult for the bladder. Men are at less of a risk to gain an infection compared to women who have a shorter urethra. It is recommended to only use Body Safe Lubricants when using urethral sex toys.

Why Lubricate?

Despite the fact that our body can naturally create lubricant the urethra does not have enough lubricant to allow for insertion of any sex toy. And if you are using lubricant for any type of penetrative sex it will allow the sexual experience to happen with ease. Usually women use lubricant for masturbation or for sexual intercourse. Men also need lubricants if they are using a masturbation sleeve or mens masturbator.

When the lubrication runs low it will cause friction which can lead to injuries. Lubrication will help to provide a layer between your urethra and the sex toy, so the friction does not build up and cause issues. The urethra, like the anus, will absorb water so you will need to apply a generous amount of lubricant and reapply when necessary. Apply a generous amount of body safe lubricant before insertion.

Unsafe Lubricants

Oil Based Lubricant

It is recommended to stay away from lubricant that is oil based lubricants. Oil based lubricants are hard to clean out of the urethra which can cause obstruction and infection.

Glycerine Lubricant

Glycerine contains additional sugar, since it is a food source it may cause infection. Do not use saliva as it will excessively dry up, harbour bacteria and cause pain. Only water based lubricants or silicone based lubricants are recommended.

Numbing Lubricant

Do not use numbing lubricants, sprays or products. These types of sexual health products will make it extremely difficult for you to tell what is really going inside your urethra. The whole point to using a urethral sex toy is to feel the pleasurable sensations. If you use any product that dampens feelings you will not be able to feel the pleasurable or painful sensations. Product’s which numb feelings will not give you the control of knowing your pain and tolerance levels. You may not be able to tell when a Penis Plug or urethral sex toy will cause harm to your body. When you participate in urethral play, you must be able to stop when there is pain.

Safe Lubricants

  • Water Based Lubricant
  • Silicone Lubricant: Most silicone based lubricants have a tendency to become sticky quickly. Some silicone lubricants do not have this problem and are completely safe to use with Penis Plugs.

Recommended Lubrication Brands

Sexual health products have some leading lubricant brands in their industry. Just like Samsung and Sony there are some leading brands of manufacturers within the TV industry. There are several options available in the market which can make it overwhelming and unclear to really know what is good. It is merely talked up as most lubricants are bought straight away from a convenient store without a second thought. But picking the right lubricant for the right job will improve your sex life for both you and/or your lover. Depending on the personal lubricant you choose can make or break a sexual experience. Penis Plugs recommended brands include Surgilube and SuperSlyde.


The recommended version of a hygienic, sterile water-based lubricant is Surgilube. Surgilube was specially formulated for medical lubrication. The ingredients are silky, soft, smooth and will deliver lubrication with ease when inserting urethral sex toys. This makes it exquisite for urethral sounding and penis plug use.

The ingredients of Surgilube is bacteriostatic and antimicrobial. To put is simply, Surgilube’s ingredients creates the environmental conditions to prevent micro-organisms from replicating as well as hindering the development of other micro-organisms. In the case of Surgilube the sexual health product used is chlorhexidine gluconate, which is the identical component that is employed in the clinical setting to safeguard risk of contamination is minimised. Chlorhexidine gluconate is an indispensable medicines in line with the World Health Organisation and can be used as a skin cleaner for operating scrubs, hand cleaning, for preparation of operation and for skin injuries. It is important to note that chlorhexidine can be used at different concentrations for these purposes. In Surgilube chlorhexidine is present at lower than 1% of total ingredients and will not damage the person by suppressing all micro-flora normally found on or in the individual.

The ingredients of Surgilube is Hypromellose, Propylene Glycol plus H2O and other trace components such as chlorhexidine. The ingredients is a mixture of natural water soluble gums which does not create mess, is not gluey, does not have scent and definitely will not stain. The ingredients of Surgilube is can be used by the most sensitive of men and women guaranteeing that the consumers well-being is upheld whilst decreasing the danger of infections. Surgilube is a vital lubricant in the adult industry for sex, masturbation and penis plugs.


The best silicone lubricant we have found so far for urethral play is SuperSlyde Silicone lubricant. SuperSlyde was created over 1 year and 6 months of creation, design and improvement in order to develop the most faultless lubricant they could. Many hours of research went into the creation of the lubricant. It was originally created as the inventor was annoying at how most lubricant’s made people feel uncomfortable, sticky or dry up. The inventor saw this opportunity in the market and decided to start up his own company!

Its exclusive formula is unlike any other silicone lubricant in the adult lifestyle industry; SuperSlyde is made for dimethiconol, vitamin E, dimethicone, Aloe Vera and cyclomethicone. It quickly collected followers and sexual health enthusiasts around the globe when it was launched in 2012. SuperSlyde’s remarkable first appearance in Australia displays how they became equally successful in Singapore. SuperSlyde is a best-selling brand in Singapore 1 year after the official launch as stated from an excerpt from the Asia one newspaper.

Superslyde is one of the highest ranking, award winning silicone lubricants in the world! SuperSlyde has won many awards including the EROS Shine Awards of 2013 for Australia’s best lubricant and potion of the year. The ceremony was at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre.

EROS Shine Awards was established to identify manufacturing front-runners and accomplishments in the state’s sexual health industry for practiced reliability, imagination, design and advancement in technology. The honour was founded on a blend of elections from the Eros Association Inc’s panel of skillful judges and consumers from Australia. Superslyde was fronting reliable and well-known competitors. SuperSlyde’s competition include the likes of Deluxe Navy, Pjur, System Jo and other high qualitry manufacturers

SuperSlyde Benefits

When choosing a personal lubricant it must fulfil a certain criteria including how it interests with your bodies chemistry and how it feels. SuperSlyde is a front winner when compared among other silicone based lubricants. Below are a list of the benefits of using SuperSlyde:

– Clean and Soft feel: It really is the most exceptional silicone lubrication out in the adult lifestyle industry. It’s has a really soft, clean, smooth feel that isunmatched.

Lasts a Long Time: The slickness of the lubricant means you can use less which will allow you to save your money in the long run. This silicone based lubricant is long lasting like other water-based lubricant. If you use as little as two drops it will make it go the distance. A tinycontainer can last up to a year, compared to other brands where you might use 100ml’s in a couple months. You can choose a tiny travel sized 100ml to alarge 400 ml bottle which can live beside your bedside table.

Easy to Clean: The lubricant can easily be cleaned off with soapy water after use.

Body Safe: SuperSlyde is nontoxic and hypoallergenic. It will not irritate the skin and can also be used with latex condoms.

Multiple Uses: SuperSlyde has multiples uses besides just sex, another thing I really enjoy about this lubricant is that you can put it to use for personal massages as a replacement for essential oil. It is also beneficial for the pores and skin and works best for people with sensitive skin issues

– Protective Coating: Also as it creates a protective coating not allowing moisture or body fluids in {it will help|it can benefit} prevent STD’s. Superslyde {is an extremely|is definitely a} popular brand {employed by} the homosexual community and is exceptional for anal play and penis plug use.

Increased Stimulation: It helps in increasing the stimulation in the genital area. Lubrication is among the finest ways to maximise penetrative sex like vaginal or anal and can help to increase the libido by making the experience easier.

Can be used in Water: SuperSlyde can be in the bedroom or also in swimming pools, showers, baths and even spas! Water does not impact the quality of the product.

– Medically Recommended: It is one of the best lubricant’s to recommend if you have anorgasmia or intense vaginal dryness.

SuperSlyde can be purchased from an Australian Distributor named Xsales or from the online sex toy shop Adult Smart.

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6. Relax

There are many ways to relax. You can select a few ways and see how you go:

Draw a steaming shower or bath: Put your lights on low, light candles around the tub, use fragrance bath bubbles. The warm of the water will calm your body and your mind will naturally relax.

Lie on Your Bed or Couch among Comfortable pillows: There are days when all we truly need is a decent, long snooze to relax.

Listen to meditative music : Play some delicate music or nature CDs. Unwind tuning in to sea waves, waterfalls or feathered creatures.

Read a Decent Book: Twist up on the sofa with a cover and some chamomile tea. Take some personal time to unwind in an activity that keeps your energy low.

Imagine your ideal place or travel destination: Close your eyes and imagine an alternate setting. What do you see around you? Is there a breeze? What do you hear? Can you hear water? Envision the quieting sound of sea waves slowly coming to the shore. Appreciate a minute in your uncommon place.

Put Aside Time to Unwind: You have to set aside a time frame to unwind in and take the time you need. Whether you unwind in 5 minutes, half an hour or an hour. 

Keep in Mind to Breathe: Is there any more straightforward approach to unwind? Moderate, full breaths can help bring down pulse and heart rate. You can attempt pranayama breathing, a yoga technique that includes breathing through one nostril at an opportunity to soothe tension.

Close Your Eyes: You can close your eyes, its okay. Enjoy a snappy reprieve from your bustling lifestyle.

Be Alone: It may be a lot of fun to sexually experiment with a lover or your partner but sometimes it is best to pay full attention to yourself. Not everybody needs a lodge or forested areas to relax. Give yourself alone time so you can regain your thoughts and clear your mind.

Make a Zen Zone:Covering up in a restroom slow down won’t not sound quieting, but rather do make (or discover) a space that is totally free of stress where you can go to unwind. Set up an agreeable seat or light some incense and vanish there for a couple of minutes until the strain scatters.

Get Organized: A heap of papers, three tape containers, a pack of deformed paperclips: All this messiness could add to push. Take a couple of minutes to revamp your work area (or table, or wherever you are), leaving exactly what you require on top.

Tune in to Your Favorite Song: Why not listen to some Ed Sheeran or your favourite singer for some of the time belting out the verses to a most loved tune makes everything appear to be okay. In case you’re in an open place (that isn’t the musical show), simply tuning in to music can be a brisk settle for an awful state of mind. Established music can be particularly unwinding just before sleep time.

Attempt Aromatherapy: All that’s needed is a moment to dribble some lavender, tea tree, or another fundamental oil into your palm and breathe in. The alleviating aromas may help ask stress and uneasiness to leave for good by empowering smell receptors in the nose that associate with the piece of the mind that directs feelings.

7. Penis Plug Insertion

Do not utilise Penis Plugs whilst taking medication that makes you sleepy or numb sensations within the body.

For easy insertion, ensure you insert the Penis Plug when you are soft and not erect. Always go slowly. Be gentle. Place the insertion end of the Penis Plug on the tip of your penis opening. Insert it into the eye of your penis, sometimes it will naturally fall in with the assistance of gravity.  In order to ensure the Penis Plug is in place. Hold the Penis Plug with one hand. You will need to hold onto your penis until it is fully erect.

DO NOT FORCE a Penis Plug into your urethra. If you encounter resistance stop until your urethra relaxes and then slowly insert it some more. Especially if you are a beginner or novice take it slow and you will learn what works for you. If you tighten up because you think it will hurt, you will never get it inserted. Sometimes there may be an obstruction or scar tissue within the urethra which may cause pain. If you come across extreme tightness you should immediately stop urethral play.

Do not rip out a Penis Plug. If you pull out urethral sex toy to quickly with little lubrication you will likely get a micro tear within your urethra. If you find that your urethra is gripping onto the penis plug, you should what until your penis becomes soft again.  This is one of the reason why you should always lubricate generously.

You will need to pay attention to warning signs during insertion and during masturbation. You will need to keep an eye out for these signs in case you have punctured the urethral wall or have gotten an infection.If you see any of the following signs you must stop immediately and talk to a medical health professional like a doctor. The signs include bleeding, excessive pain, a fever or irregular discharge.

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8. Penis Plug Pleasure

Once the Penis Plug is in, you may feel slight pain. Hopefully you will begin to feel arousing sensations.  The sensations you experience at first may feel abnormal, take your time to get used of these new sensations. You will feel the pleasure everywhere in your genitals. After a while you will find the opening of the urethra will grow in size. Your penis will start to become erect and you may feel like masturbating.  This will only occur if you are relaxed. 

Masturbation and urethral play are both skills that take time to perfect. With the more time you invest in masturbating with a Penis Plug it will help to enhance your skill set. You will be able to learn what works for your body. With time your urethra will learn to get used of the feeling of a Penis Plug. It is up to you now whether you masturbate externally with the penis plug in, perform In and Out Sounding or perform gentle tapping.

Penis Plug Masturbation Methods

  • Masturbation: You are able to masturbate externally whilst the Penis Plug is inside.
  • In and Out Sounding: In and Out Sounding is also called “fucking the urethra”. It can be performed by gently moving a textured Penis Plug or Urethral Sound in and out of the urethra. The texture will stimulate the nerve endings within the urethra and should enhance pleasure. You should not use any type of force during this type of urethral play. When performing In and Out Sounding you must never take the complete Penis Plug or Sound out. Like all types of urethral play you must use generous amounts of lubricant and reapply lubricant as necessary. Do not use a sex toy that cannot be removed during sex or can be painful when moved.
  • Gentle Tapping: Gentle Tapping of a handle or shoulder can cause sexual arousal and give a lot of stimulation.

The more experienced you become with urethral sex toys, the more you will enjoy and experiment with penis plugs.  For example, you may wish to try Vibrating Penis Plugs to achieve climax through the head of your penis.

Will the Penis Plug Make Me Ejaculate the First Time?

First time users often do not experience the full enjoyment possible with a penis plug as the urethra will tighten up around the Penis Plug as it is a new sensation. Since it is a new experience the chances of encountering climax the first run through are low. However everyone’s body works differently. You may choose to ejaculate or you may choose to gently remove it so you can slowly get used of the feeling and try again later. If you have a solid penis plug you must remove it before ejaculation.

What If My Penis Plug Slips Out?

Sometimes if you buy a short and smooth textured Penis Plug you may find that it may Penis Plug  attempt to slip out once you have used it a couple of times as the urethra has stretched. If this is the case, you can invest in a Glans Ring Penis Plug which will hold onto the erect structure of a penis and keep the Penis Plug in place. It is very important to use lubricant especially if you are a beginner but if you experience too much slippage you may need to readjust the lubricant amount by a little less. Or you can try a textured penis plug that is ribbed or has small ridges.

How Do I Participate in Couples Play?

It is recommended that more experienced users allow their lover or partner to control the sex toy only if they 100% trust the person. Your partner must always do their best to take care of you, your body and follow your instructions. Never let someone you barely know or don’t trust use a urethral sex toy on you.

The person who is controlling the Penis Plug must pay attention to the wearer’s communication and reactions specifically if they are in pain or are uncomfortable. A person can gain great sexual satisfaction from giving up control of a sex toy to someone who cares for them. The wearer will need to openly communicate with their partner so they can understand the position of the Penis Plug should be in so you can feel comfortable.

9. After Urethral Play

When you are done, it’s essential to urinate to get out any excess bacteria trapped in the urethra. You should also take the time to wash your genitals to remove any excess bacteria that is near the entrance.

Subsequent to when urethral play ends, you may feel a smouldering, light, tingling and painful sensation when you urinate which can leave you feeling sore. This happens because you have bothered the urethra. These uncomfortable sensations can last for a few fours to a couple of days.

It may mean that you were to enthusiastic or vigorous during urethral play. To help ease the discomfort, you should drink water and fluids. You will need to wait until the burning stops to try urethral sounding again. Next time you should go slower and use more lubricant.

10. Penis Plug Storage

It is recommended to store your Penis Plugs all in the once place, that way you can find them easily. This is so, that when you are in the mood, you can easily find them without much effort.

You can place them inside a dry box that is coated inside with felt to ensure that they sit comfortably. You can separate the urethral sex toys with pieces of satin or cloth so they don’t rub up against each other causing unnecessary scratches that can harm your body. It is important to keep your sex toys so that you can keep them for long term usage.

If you would love to keep a collection, you can store them inside a bedside drawer separating them into sub categories. For example in one drawer you can keep your cum through penis plugs, in another you can keep your solid penis plugs and in the very bottom drawer you can keep your urethral sounds.

Are You Ready to Move onto Urethral Sounds?

Urethral Sounds are much bigger than Penis Plugs and other urethral sex toys. Urethral Sounding is a powerful type of urethral play and should only be attempted by experienced Penis Plug users and wearers. Its aim is to stimulate the bladder or prostate through the urethra. Before you try deep urethral sounding you need to ensure your urethra is properly stretched so you are able to perform urethral sex toy insertion and removal without any problems. That is why it is only recommended for experienced user. 

If you are an experience Penis Plug user who is thinking about Urethral Sounding and would like to begin getting comfortable with the experience you may want to begin using a Long Penis Plug before moving onto Urethral Sounds.

A beginners Urethral Sound would be straight or slightly curved in design. Although experienced wearers can insert their sex toy in a matter of second, beginners must insert the Urethral sound gradually, inch by inch. Be patient and stop at whatever point you experience discomfort or distress. The objective is to make the experience as smooth as could be allowed.

Relax Your Body And Mind

Those who are attempting to use a Urethral Sound, please note during insertion it will naturally stop. When it stops, do not try to insert it further instead allow your body to relax around the Urethral Sound, your body may naturally suck in the Urethral Sound. Once you have inserted the Urethral Sound more than 4 inches, the urethra for the most part turn and pull whatever is left of the sex toy down into the urethra.

If you are going deeper you may have to change the angle of the Urethral Sound according to the shape of your urethra. It will take some time getting used to the angel you will need the sex toy to be on.

Once the sound is inserted, it will require you to hold it and your shaft for stability. Sounds are heavier then Penis Plugs due to their width and height. If your Sound falls overs whilst it is inside you, it can cause personal harm to your body. Urethral sounding is shockingly simple once you get used to it.


A Comprehensive Guide to Genital Modification of the Penis

It is not uncommon to find men undergoing genital modification. Each person who experiences modifications has different justifications for the acts. Some do it for personal gratifications and sexual pleasure, others modify their penis for religious and cultural reasons. Still others carry out extreme modifications due to mental illness. Whatever the reason, this compilation doesn’t condemn but instead informs those who aren’t aware of the different types of penis modifications.

Here is a description of some of the craziest forms of genital modification.

Glossary Of Penile Modifications

Penile bisection

The process involves splitting the penis into two halves during a surgical operation. Splitting of the penis occurs in different ways as described here.


An inverted procedure involves cutting of the penis from the middle down while leaving the head intact.

Whole splitting

The process entails a split of the penis into two halves from the head all the way down the shaft. Ideally, anyone who has undergone the modification experiences a curled penis during an erection. Complete shaft splitting can result in hard penetrative sex. However, if done correctly, such an individual can enjoy sex with intense stimulations.

Head splitting

For head-splitting, only the head of the penis is cut into two leaving the shaft intact. If a male has a very thin meatus, then a meatotomy is done first. Meatus is the small hole on the head of the penis and through which males urinate. Meatotomy is then the process of expanding the meatus before the splitting procedure takes place.

Urethral Sounding

Sounding is whereby a male decides to put a sound device into their urethra. A sound is a therapeutic tool meant for the pleasure of stretching and expansion of a urethra. An example of a sound is the prince wand which is long and extends through the shaft of the penis. A sound often has beads protruding to the outside of a penis.

Re-route of the urethra

Weird as it sounds, some people have found ways to modify their bodies such that they don’t urinate through the tip of their penis. The practice is common amongst the male gender because the location of their urethra is close to the skin and located just between the scrotum and the anus. The process involves piercing a small hole between the anus and the scrotum while remaining careful about the depth of the incision. This process is medically safe because it does not interfere with the bladder.

Penis pearling

Insertion of beads underneath the skin of the penis is the latest trend across the world. The idea is mainly aimed at maximizing pleasure for women during sex. Some men even go to the extent of sticking beads on their foreskin just before penetrative sex. The beads give the feeling like the one realized when using a studded condom.

For the penis pearling, doctors keep advising against home done procedures because they could lead to injuries, infections, body rejection of the pearls, and worse still tetanus. Eventually, it could lead to the amputation of the penis. However, if done by a professional who has vast knowledge about the anatomy of the penis, the process is harmless.

Penis infibulation

The practice originates from Greece and the Arabic world, where the slave trade was prevalent. Ideally, the penises of male slaves were infibulated to prevent them from fornicating or masturbating instead of working. During infibulation, the foreskin of the penis was pulled above the head and stitched together as a punishment. The punishment was considered worse than a death sentence. Currently, men carry out the infibulation of their penises at will. Some do it during acts of BDSM while others have a fetish. Some male theatre artists infibulate their penises so that they don’t dangle during live performances.

Apparently, the artists consider floppy penises as an embarrassment during a performance.

Penis modification has become a trend in the 21st century. Some men do it for sexual stimulation, while others have religious and cultural affiliations that advocate for such practices. Whatever the reason for a genital modification, it should be safe and observed by a medical practitioner to avoid adverse effects. Examples of penis modifications are penis infibulation, penis bisection, urethra re-route, penis pearling, and sounding.

Understanding Genital Modification of the Penis

Genital modification of the penis, also known as penile modification, is an intriguing practice. People choose this modification for various reasons. These range from cultural traditions to personal aesthetics or sexual enhancement. This topic fascinates and alarms in equal measure. Let’s delve into why individuals opt for this, and what the pros and cons are, from physical, health, and mental perspectives.

Why Do People Choose Penile Modification?

The reasons behind penile modification are as diverse as the people who undergo it. In some cultures, it’s a rite of passage. It symbolizes a transition into adulthood or marks group identity. For others, the motivation is purely aesthetic. They wish to alter the appearance of their penis according to personal or partner preferences.

Additionally, there’s a significant number who pursue genital modification for potential sexual benefits. They believe it might enhance pleasure for themselves and their partners. It’s a deeply personal decision, often influenced by a mix of cultural, social, and personal factors.

Physical Pros and Cons of Penile Modification


  1. Enhanced Sensitivity: Some modifications, like the removal of the foreskin, can increase sensitivity.
  2. Aesthetic Satisfaction: Individuals report a boost in confidence when their physical appearance aligns with their desires.


  1. Risk of Infection: Any procedure involving the skin can introduce pathogens if not done in a sterile environment.
  2. Permanent Change: Most modifications are irreversible, requiring careful consideration before proceeding.

The physical impact largely depends on the type of modification performed and the skill of the practitioner. It’s crucial to seek services from qualified professionals to minimize risks.

Health Implications of Penile Modification


  1. Hygiene: Some believe that certain modifications, like circumcision, simplify hygiene and reduce infections.


  1. Surgical Risks: As with any surgery, there are risks of complications such as bleeding or adverse reactions to anesthesia.
  2. Post-Operative Pain: Recovery can be painful and requires proper care and downtime.
  3. Long-Term Complications: These can include nerve damage or reduced sensitivity, contradicting the desired outcomes.

The health implications necessitate a balanced view. Proper medical consultation is essential to mitigate risks and ensure that health benefits, if any, are realized.

Mental and Emotional Impact


  1. Improved Self-Esteem: Achieving the desired aesthetic can significantly boost self-esteem and body image.
  2. Increased Sexual Confidence: Some report improved sexual experiences, which contribute to better mental health.


  1. Regret and Dissatisfaction: Not all outcomes meet expectations, leading to regret or dissatisfaction with the modification.
  2. Social Stigma: Individuals may face judgment or stigma from others who do not understand their choice.

The mental and emotional impacts are profound and variable. Support from a mental health professional can be beneficial in navigating these complex feelings.

The Decision

Choosing to undergo genital modification is no small decision. It involves weighing cultural significance, personal desire, and the potential risks and benefits. Those considering this should consult with both medical and mental health professionals. This ensures they are making an informed choice that considers all facets of their wellbeing.

Genital modification of the penis spans a spectrum of motivations and outcomes. While some find profound satisfaction and enhanced experiences, others face complications or regret. Understanding both sides of the spectrum is crucial. Anyone considering this procedure must take a thoughtful, well-informed approach. This ensures the decision aligns with their overall health and life goals.

In summary, genital modification is not just a physical decision but a holistic one, impacting one’s health, body image, and mental state. Those interested should proceed with caution, armed with information and professional guidance.

How To Stimulate Male Erogenous Zones During Sex

This article looks at the importance of sexual satisfaction in a healthy romantic relationship and briefly describes the male erogenous zones. It lists how to How To Stimulate Male Erogenous Zones, enhancing sexual pleasure and giving healthy sex life.

Stimulate Male Erogenous Zones

In healthy romance, the value of sexual satisfaction is evident. The partnership tends to be linked to higher affection, engagement, stability, and a lower divorce rate. If you want, your sexual satisfaction can include so much more than just your genitals and the rush of doing it. There is an entire field of study dedicated to how important is sexual satisfaction. Let’s look at one aspect of it called erogenous zones.

So, for a healthy relationship, you probably started on one of the best dating sites 2024, if you want to know whatsexual satisfaction is best determined by, follow with the article. There are sensitive places, called erogenous areas, which can produce similar or as satisfying sexual responses as to playing with private bits of your partner through the release of the same flavoring chemicals, which are triggered by sex. There are several such zones on the male body; here are some of them.


Many people are strongly inclined to focus only on genitals during sex and think only they bring sexual satisfaction. Suppose you extend your ability to experience sexual encounters all over your body. In that case, you will open up another world of opportunities to take you and your partner to a new level of sexual pleasure. Indeed, the thumb is a sexy place for many guys. Sucking on the thumb of a man will help him bind the mind and body when making love. Start with foreplay by looking in the eyes while you kiss his hands.


The sacrum is a triangular bone between the hips at the base of your spine. There are sacral nerves connected to the genitals, and these nerves can give sexual satisfactionduring sex by stimulating them. Some studies show that these nerves can cause orgasm by electrical stimulation and take your partner’s sexual pleasure to a new level. Give your partner a massage by light motions around the sacrum. Lie on your belly. Doing it activates these sacral nerves and the parasympathetic nervous system that is important for relaxation and orgasm.

Gluteal Fold

A particular point of passion is a pin where the top of your thigh meets your butt. The gluteal fold is a temperate region which may be why some people like to be spanked for sexual satisfaction. Slowly ease in, stroke him gently with your hand, run your fingernails through the area, and then build up a gentle slap. Or, as they lie on their bellies, attempt kissing down their back, over their buttocks, and nibble softly through the fold before going on to the inner thighs, then flickering it with your tongue for his sexual satisfaction.

Mouth and Lips

Some men are just as thrilled about kissing. The mouth and lips are the right areas to trigger sensations and give sexual satisfaction. The lips are one of the body’s susceptible membranes. Take the lips of your partner, stroke them with your tongue, and rub your fingers softly on them to enhance his sexual pleasure.

The Frenulum

The frenulum is where the glans touch the shaft below the head on the base of the penis. Often, the level of the nerve endings is relative to the female clitoris equivalent and is considered the best part region for enhanced sexual satisfaction. Let your tongue slip over this region while giving oral sex. Stroke it with your fingertips around your thumb with your palms. To develop their excitement slowly, they go back and forth between stimulating the F spot and making the penis less sensitive. This area is credited with immense sexual satisfaction by various studies.

How Do You Know if Your Partner Is Sexually Satisfied?

Many experts believe that the keyword for sexual satisfaction is time. It’s learning that develops the more you are together. The more things you try in the bed to help you understand how to know if your partner is sexually satisfied, hugs, kisses, words, motions, consistency, and rhythm make your partner happy. Your partner certainly takes note of the commitment to their sexual satisfaction and being more comfortable than they were ever before. And hey, maybe even inspire them to do you a favor again. If you read all the signs correctly and put effort into making it more of an experience, you’ll understand what the signs of sexual pleasure are. What, according to you, drives for healthy sexual compatibility?

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Best Cock Sex Toys
Sex Toys For The Cock

6 Best Cock Sex Toys You Should Own

With the increasing upsurge of sex toy sales these days, there is no doubt that the sex industry is currently changing. Many people across the globe are starting to realize that sex toys are incredible tools for sexual stimulation and satisfaction. Whether you’re going solo or with a partner, they are becoming indispensable devices you should add to your bedroom.

Sex toys have also become highly accessible, even to an audience that may haven’t considered them before. Nowadays, male sex toys are everywhere, from vibrators, anal beads to cock rings and more. With a range of toys on the market, it has become easier than ever to stock your playroom with the device you want.

If you’re new to the world of male sex toys and feel intimidated or overwhelmed with the different options available, start by choosing from this list. These cock sex toys are considered the best due to their ease of use and the intensity of pleasure they can deliver.

Cock rings

Also known as penis rings, cock rings are sex devices worn around the base of the penis. They come in a range of styles, so you can also find sex rings that fit around the testicles to provide longer-lasting, bigger, and harder erections. They are available in different materials, such as leather, rubber, flexible silicone, and even metal.

When looking for a cock ring, it’s essential to find the material, size, and fit that allows you to feel safe and comfortable during use. You can also find cock rings with additional features for extra fun, such as vibrating elements, another loop for the balls, and attachments for clitoral or anal stimulation.

The added elements make the device suitable for everyone, including couples and even single women. Although they are mainly designed to make men erect harder and longer, cock rings can also stimulate a woman’s clitoris while delivering vibrations down a man’s shaft.

Penis pump

If you’re struggling to get or maintain an erection, adding a penis pump to your list of must-have sex toys is a good idea. Penis pumps work by using suction to draw blood into your penis, which is essential to get a more rigid and bigger erection. It can be used alongside a cock ring to keep the blood in your penis and deliver a longer-lasting erection.

For some people, a penis pump is more than just a device for a satisfying sexual experience. This sex device is also used by other individuals who are dealing with erectile dysfunction (ED). It is safe and easy to use and works well when properly used.

Masturbation sleeve

A masturbation sleeve is a sex toy placed over the penis to encapsulate it during masturbation. Some of its common nicknames include pocket pussy, sex sleeves, penis enhancers, and cock sleeves.

Like other pleasure products or male sex toys, masturbation sleeves come in a range of materials, textures, sizes, and shapes. They can also vary in length, width, and style. Some masturbation sleeves can completely cover your penis, while others may only cover the head. There are also open-ended versions, which are more suitable for those who want more girth.

When shopping for a masturbation sleeve, look for one that is comfortable for you or whoever is wearing it. Consider the size and material you prefer. If you are looking for specific functions, the good news is, masturbation sleeves may have vibration features or contain a unique texture on the inside to boost the experience.


Fleshlights can come under the masturbation sleeves category, but what makes it unique is its design that’s disguised as a flashlight. However, instead of a lightbulb, you will find a tight interior and a flesh-like entrance that will give you a surprise. It is very straightforward, making it ideal for beginners.

While most fleshlights on the market have vaginal designs, you can also find ones that allow you to mimic anal sex. They can feel amazingly similar to real sex, and if you want to enhance your experience, you can add new sensations using vibrating models. All you have to do is sit back and relax while your fleshlight does the work by vibrating around your penis。

Penis vibrator

A penis vibrator is easy to use, as it easily wraps your most sensitive area. Its contact is soft and massages your penis head for intense sensations. Penis vibrators are generally portable and deliver a discreet design, allowing you to use your device wherever and whenever you want.

Choose a vibrator with a high-quality soft material that’s skin-friendly, hygienic, and easy to clean. You’ll also want a waterproof one, so you don’t have to worry about it being soaked, and it can be used in the shower or swimming pool.

Prostate massager

Although a prostate massager is not necessarily a cock sex toy, many new models have innovative features which allow it to be also used for penis stimulation. Plus, you can use it alongside your penis sex toy for added pleasure and more powerful ejaculation.

Most prostate massagers are equipped with various vibration modes for added stimulation. They can also be operated using a remote control so you can adjust the intensity of the vibration. It can be overwhelming at first, especially if you haven’t done anal sex before. But when used properly, a prostate massager can give you an intense ejaculation. Look for a product with a soft and smooth material to provide you with a fantastic experience for anal pleasure.

If you’re unsure which cock sex toy to buy, start with this list and try various products until you find the one suitable for you or your partner. No matter which sex toy you choose, don’t forget to invest in quality lube as these devices don’t always come with lubrication. It is also important to purchase from a reliable store, like Sohimi, which has a complete list of high-quality male sex toys. Each product contains a comprehensive description and information to guide every visitor before making a purchase.

How To Choose A Penis Plug For A Beginner

Penis Plug For A Beginner

Penis Plug For A Beginner – Penis Plugs are wonderful urethral sex toys for beginners. Here are the fundamental motivations to pick penis plugs for learners as your first urethral toy:

Short And Little

Numerous penis plugs are short and little, which makes them not scary. This is essential for anyone who feels cautious about using larger urethral toys.

Easy To Use For Experimentation

Numerous Penis Plugs are smooth and made for specifically beginners who are inquisitive and would like to experience a positive and comfortable transition into urethral play. Penis Plugs will help to widen your urethra whilst you can learn how to masturbate with one inserted.

Large Range

Penis Plugs have a staggeringly large range. You are able to pick a Penis Plug that would best suit your body and that you’re comfortable with.

Penis Plug’s users should take special consideration into which Penis Plug they should choose for masturbation and only pick one that is made for beginners. Beginner Penis Plug users should follow guidelines to help ensure their urethra play goes as carefully and safely as possible. Beginners will need to consider the Penis Plug’s material, texture, name, length and width. Below we have listed some things you should consider from each category.

Beginners Plus And Sounds
Buy Beginners Plugs And Sounds


Beginners Penis Plug Recommendations


The best material a Penis Plug should be made from body safe silicone or surgical steel.


Choose a Penis Plug that has a smooth surface with no texture. You can choose a penis plug that has a tapered tip which will allow for gentle and gradual increase the width of your urethra during insertion. If you happen to choose a textured Penis Plug it is best to choose one with soft and gentle patterns. When you get used of the gentler textures you can move onto textures that are more prominent. Penis Plugs that are heavily textured will provide intense stimulation but will be overwhelming for beginners.


Try searching for a “beginner”, “beginners” or “classic” Penis Plug’s in an online penis plug store.


Shoulder Or Pull Out Feature

For added functionality you can buy a Penis Plug with a keeping in place or pull out feature. During penetration the urethral muscles will attempt to push the sex toy out. If you are a beginner it is recommended to purchase one that has a shoulder to hold it in place like the one seen in the “Ask Men Starter Penis Plug”.  You will need to practice keeping the Penis Plug in place with the shoulder. This featurewill also make it easier for steady and slow removal.

Glans Ring

Beginners users have a tighter urethra and may find it difficult to keep their Penis Plug in place. A glans ring will help to keep the Penis Plug in place whilst providing additional pleasure.



The best length for a beginners Penis Plug is short. Short Penis Plugs are not menacing and they won’t go in to deep. A beginners Penis Plug is generally 1-3 inches in length.


Beginner Penis Plug users are not experienced enough to control or use a long Penis Plug. They will also need to stretch and train their urethra to move onto longer Penis Plugs. Although a long sex toy can go deeper they are only suitable for experienced users. It is best to stick with a short Penis Plug because if you are in the heat of the moment and push a long Penis Plug to far down, it can cause injury to the body. If you do happen to buy a lengthier Penis Plug, do not push it too deep into the urethra.


Just Right

There are Penis Plugs created just for beginners that have not yet used any type of Penis Plug to widen their urethra. The first Penis Plug you should use will be the same size of your urethra. It should be not to thin and not too thick. It is important to keep in mind that the penis glans has a bigger width than the urethra.

To Thin

Penis Plugs that are too thin in width can cause damage to the body as they will easily go into the Urethra. They will be too pointy, sharp and hard to use. You may hurt yourself and accidently create false openings. Thin Penis Plugs can be dangerous and should only be used by experienced users. A doctor from Vice stated “What I might do is create a blind tract. Image the hole in a donut, and I put a sound in the hole. When you’re putting the sound through the hole, image that it goes through the cakey part of the donut. That is a blind track. Now if you get older and you need a catheter for any reason, they’ll be sticking it into that blind tract and they won’t be able to get urine out of you.”

To Thick

A beginner’s urethra is not stretched and will not be able to use thick Penis Plugs. If a beginner were to force a thick Penis Plug into their Urethra it will cause injury to the body. In order to use thicker Penis Plug’s wearers will need to build their urethra up to a bigger size by starting out with smaller widths.

Urethral Sound For A Beginner
Buy Hegar Urethral Sounds Kit

How To Choose A Urethral Sound For A Beginner

Urethral sounds are incredible sex toys made for profound urethral investigation as they are much longer than Penis Plugs. It is highly recommended that only experienced Penis Plug wearers can begin to use Urethral Sounds that are specifically made for learners. Urethral Sounds are able to access further down the urethral passage to deeper nerve endings. Since the person who uses Urethral Sounds are going deeper it can bring along certain dangers.

If you are wanting to use Urethral sounds you must do a lot of research first to understand everything that is involved.

  • Understand how to use Urethral Sounds.
  • Learn how to use Uethral Sounds with personal safety.
  • Discover which types of urethral Sounds beginners can use. Keep in mind that urethral sounds regularly come in kits, so there are various sizes in one pack. You should be able to pick which urethral sound you should use out of the kit.

Beginners Urethral Sound Recommendations


The shape of a Urethral Sound should work with your body and provide you with a sexy design.

Soft Bends

Beginners can use Urethral Sounds with gentle bends that work with the shape of the urethra. Decide on straight sounds or those with a slight bend. The best sounds for apprentices in light of the shape are Hegar sounds, Dittle sounds and Rosebud sounds.

Articulated Bends

A few sounds aren’t recommended for beginners especially ones that have articulated and precise bends made for focused stimulation of the bladder and prostate. This type of Urethral Sounds should not be used by a beginner because they can cause excruciating pain if not used correctly.


The most ideal approach to find a gentle Urethral Sound that works with your body is to pick one that is smooth, moderately straight, and solid with gentle bends. The urethra itself actually bends a bit, so your first solid can have a gentle bend. The gentle bend may make the experience more comfortable.


Urethral sounds are longer than Penis Plugs long sounds appropriate for profound urethral incitement.A standout amongst the most imperative things to remember is the sounding gadgets size. Urethral sounds come in a wide range of lengths and circumferences. It is recommended that people pick on that does not go to deep.


Beginners should use shorter Urethral Sounds until they gain more experience in Urethral Play. The recommended Urethral Sounds in regards to length include Dittle sounds and Hegar sounds. You can also try Hank sounds as they have a unique rib that prevent the user from going in to far. Hank Sounds are ideal for transitioning from a shorter to longer sex toys.


Those long sounds are made for bladder and prostate incitement. While they can be exceptionally energizing and stirring, hold up until you increase some involvement with sounding before you attempt them.


When buying Urethral Sounds, they usually come in kits with different sizes. These kits help you gradually expand your urethra. Start with the smallest size and work your way up. Don’t force thick sounds inside your penis. Begin with smaller sounds and gradually move to larger ones.

Fitting Urethral Sounds

Like Penis Plugs, Urethral Sounds must fit the size of your urethra. Beginners should use their urethra’s width as a guide. The chosen sound should not be thicker or thinner than your urethra. This ensures comfort and reduces the risk of injury. Start with the right size and move to thicker sounds as you get used to the sensation. If you have experience with sounding, you should be able to insert a sound easily and without issues. However, be cautious with super-thin sounds. They can be sharp and dangerous, causing tears or punctures in your urethra.

Risks of Super-Thin Sounds

Super-thin urethral sounds can be sharp, making them risky because they can tear tissue or puncture your urethra, causing false passages. This is painful and dangerous. Thin urethral toys can slip inside, making them hard to control and increasing the risk of injury. To stay safe, beginners should avoid the thinnest urethral sounds and super-thin toys in general. These are recommended for experienced users who seek intense, targeted stimulation. Based on thickness, the best sounds are Hegar, Dittle, and Rosebud sounds.


Another crucial factor is the material. Urethral Sounds come in various materials, but not all are body-safe. Avoid materials that are bendable, soft, flexible, or elastic. These materials don’t provide efficient insertion or stimulation and are harder to control. They also can’t widen or stretch the urethra effectively. Elastic materials are more porous and can’t be cleaned thoroughly, leaving bacteria on the toy. This can lead to infections if bacteria are transferred to the bladder. Invest in body-safe, non-porous Urethral Sounds that leave minimal bacteria after cleaning.

Surgical Steel Sounds

For these reasons, the safest sounds to use are body-safe Surgical Steel Sounds. Surgical Steel is solid yet smooth. As you progress to using a solid, wider, and longer urethral sex toy, the experience should be similar to a Penis Plug when you use lubricant. Surgical Steel Sounds can also be completely sterilized.

Beginner Urethral Sounds

Always choose Urethral Sounds specifically made for beginners. Learn from others’ experiences to stay safe. The best choice of material is smooth, non-textured Surgical Steel. The Urethral Sound should match the width of your urethra and have a gentle curve to fit your urethra. The best beginner kits include Hegar, Dittle, and Rosebud Sounds. As you become more comfortable with urethral sounding, you can move to more complex sounds that will fill your body with wonderful orgasms.

Foreplay Tips That Give Her the Most Pleasure

Many couples enjoy good foreplay more than intercourse and will Give Her the Most Pleasure. Arousing touching, sexual fantasies, or dirty talking maximize your pleasure. The arousal builds up, and it gets harder and harder to delay sex.

But unlike an orgasm, which disappears in a matter of seconds, you can enjoy foreplay as long as you want. It will improve your sex life and strengthen your relationship with your Dating Ranking partner. Quality foreplay promotes intimacy, affection, love, and trust. Want to try? Then use the following foreplay tips. They will add variety to your sex life because oral sex and hand stimulation are not the limits!

Start Foreplay Long Before Sex

Foreplay doesn’t start in the bedroom. You can do it in the morning by sexting. Small messages such as “Can’t wait to undress you tonight” can turn your partner on before you take her into your arms.

What are foreplay tips for driving her crazy? If your girlfriend is turned on by sending nude pics, then exchange sexy photos and write what you want and plan to do with her naked body.

Take Your Time to Undress Her

Foreplay is a marathon, not a sprint, so don’t rush to finish it. How long should the foreplay last? Someone is talking for about 20 minutes, but we will not insist on specific numbers – listen to yourself and your partner.

Instead of ripping off all of the girl’s clothes at once, start by taking off her blouse or T-shirt and then follow the simple foreplay tips and ideas. Wait a few minutes before removing her jeans, then also pause in front of her bra and panties. Caress every part of her body, make her wait, and want to continue.

Warm Her Up

If you don’t know what to offer as a warm-up, do a massage. Use scented creams, oils, and lotions. You do not need to show your muscles and put pressure on her back during the massage. Otherwise, the foreplay may end earlier than you planned.

Kiss More

What does foreplay consist of? All women love kissing. However, men do not always provide them with enough kisses. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it. Kissing during foreplay should be moderately passionate and gentle. Try to follow the girl’s reaction to stop in time and move on to the next stage.

Explore Her Whole Body

Don’t limit your attention to her vagina. A girl’s body is filled with erogenous zones such as the neck, hips, and breasts. And this is only the beginning of the list, so explore your partner’s body.

Try Using a Sex Toy

The vibrator buzzing around her erogenous zones can be as stimulating as your hands. Believe us, it is not a competitor for you, but a faithful assistant who will increase the chances of bringing your girlfriend to multiple orgasms.

Pay Attention to How She Feels

Everyone is different, so make sure you understand how she reacts to what you do. It’s not that hard to figure out what she likes, so remember the simple foreplay tips she likes so that you can use them again later before she enjoys your penis type.

Get Creative with Your Own Hands

Do not underestimate the use of your hands, which can be quite enjoyable during foreplay, while you can experiment. If you focus on touching your partner, watching her react, or listening to her feedback, you can understand what kind of touch she likes, where she likes it, the pace or pressure she prefers, etc.

Try New Poses

There are many poses that you and your partner can try during foreplay. One of them is to sit face to face on the bed and caress each other. Experiment with your touch – change it depending on your partner’s reaction, make it faster or slower.

Give Her Feedback

When she starts acting, make an extra effort to let her know how much you like what she is doing. Feel free to express your emotions, especially if you feel very good. It is important for girls, just like guys, to know if the partner likes what she is doing and whether it causes him discomfort. So don’t be silent.

Don’t Forget About Oral Sex

Oral sex also serves as an ideal transition to intercourse. It is a great opportunity to truly focus on the pleasant sensations without having to do anything simultaneously. You can take turns caressing each other in this way and then move on to the next stage.

Foreplay tips for males are an important (and perhaps most important) part of intimate communication, helping both relax, arouse, increase libido and increase blood flow to the erogenous zones. You can prepare yourself and your partner for an incredibly intense orgasm.

However, foreplay is desirable but not always required. But if good old-fashioned sex doesn’t make you excited, you can focus on more creative ways to please each other.

Please share your thoughts about the best foreplay tips. What are your favourite ones?

Great foreplay can give you both unlimited pleasure. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? We have collected simple foreplay tips on what to do before sex to please your woman.

Perfect Sex With a Partner
Sexual Wellness and Play

Everything You Need To Know To Have Perfect Sex With a Partner

How to Make Your First Time Perfect

The first sexual experience with a partner is important. It sets the tone for your future intimate relationship. If you want to make a great impression, you need to put in some effort. Don’t imagine yourself as a flawless seducer or a brave lover from hookup sites. That will come later. Focus on how to prepare for sex and make it memorable.

Relax and Listen to Your Feelings

Relaxation is key. Focus on your feelings and let go of any anxieties. Good sex starts with a relaxed mind and body. Here are seven rules to help you have a great first-time experience.

Ditch the Fears

Don’t worry about your body during sex. No one will critically analyze your appearance. Emotions and instincts take over, making physical flaws irrelevant. Embrace your body and confidently share it with your partner. Your confidence will enhance the experience for both of you.

Foreplay is Essential

Good sex begins with great foreplay. Don’t rush it. Foreplay helps build excitement and connection. Take your time to explore and enjoy each other. This sets the stage for passionate and satisfying intercourse.

Communication is Key

Don’t stay silent during sex. Communicate your preferences and desires to your partner. This ensures that both of you enjoy the experience. Talk and show each other what you like. Open communication leads to unearthly pleasure.

Handle Awkward Moments Gracefully

Awkward situations can happen during intimacy, especially with a new partner. Natural sounds or unexpected moments are nothing to be ashamed of. Smile, change positions, and continue. Handle these moments with ease, and they will be quickly forgotten.

The Importance of Preparation

Proper preparation can make a significant difference. Think about hygiene, comfort, and setting the right mood. A clean and comfortable environment enhances the experience. Use your imagination to create a romantic and inviting atmosphere.

Confidence Boosters

Feeling good about yourself boosts your confidence. Wear something that makes you feel attractive. Confidence is contagious and will positively impact your partner. When you feel good, the experience becomes more enjoyable for both of you.

Learn and Adapt

Every sexual experience is a learning opportunity. Pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. Use this knowledge to improve future encounters. Adapt to your partner’s preferences and create a more fulfilling experience over time.

The First Time: Embrace the Ordinary

The first sexual experience often doesn’t differ much from what you’ve heard, and that’s completely normal. Regular sexual partners know how to relax completely, but the first time, almost everyone feels “average.” It’s unrealistic to expect something extraordinary on the very first night. Instead, focus on enjoying the process, whatever it may be.

Experiments Are for Experienced Lovers

Experimenting can enhance and diversify sex, but it’s best to avoid it the first time. Save your outstanding skills for later when you know your partner better. During the first intimacy, stick to standard positions to keep things comfortable and familiar.

Praise: The Key to Good Sex

Regardless of how the sex was, always praise your partner. They tried to please you, and that’s worth acknowledging. Even if they were the most awkward partner you’ve had, there’s no need to mention it. There’s plenty of time to improve in the art of pleasure. Saying the first time was great encourages both of you to get better.

Mutual Understanding Takes Time

If your first time didn’t seem fabulous, it doesn’t mean the second will be the same. Good sex is important, but mutual understanding in sex takes time. Practice and have fun learning together.

Every Piece Matters

Good sex is like a giant mosaic where every piece plays a significant role. These simple tips can help you open up and enjoy this important time with your partner. Embrace the ordinary, communicate, and be patient. The first time is just the beginning of a journey towards a deeper connection and greater pleasure.

The first time is significant but doesn’t have to be perfect. Focus on connecting with your partner and enjoying the moment. Relax, communicate, and handle awkwardness with grace. By following these tips, you’ll set a positive foundation for your sexual relationship.

Share some of your tips in the comments below.

What do you consider the most important in preparing for a good sex?

Can good sex make a man fall in love?

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

Penis Stretching – 5 Exercises for Length and Girth

For ages, men have been plagued by the question of whether penis size matters and if penis stretching works. A bigger penis increases your confidence and boosts your sex life. Almost all men want to have a big penis, and women are looking for the same. Enlargement creams and lotions are popular, but you can also increase your penis length and girth through stretching exercises which are safe and inexpensive.

How Penis Stretching Works

Penis stretching is the act of using a device or your hands to increase the girth or length of your penis. Here is how it works and what to expect:

1.   Stretching Sexual Exercises

This is the most popular sexual exercise for boosting girth and length and takes only 5 minutes. It involves massaging the tissue along the expanse of your penis using your hand. This is one of the best exercises for sexual performance. To do this exercise, hold your penis gently behind the head and stretch towards the knee and maintain this position for 20-30 seconds.

You will feel a stretching sensation but no pain or discomfort. Next, hold your penis in its original position, stretch it gently towards the navel, and hold for 20-30 seconds. Pull it in the left and right direction, hold for at least 20 seconds and then relax. You can also buy stretching devices. If you haven’t free cash, consider getting a 255 dollar online payday loan at an affordable rate.

2.   Jelqing

This is one of the most effective sexual dysfunction exercises. It’s simple, but it improves the size and hardness of your penis. Jelqing is a penis stretching technique that makes it look thicker and longer. Start with a partially erect penis and use lube to prevent chafing or friction between the penis and your hands.

Use your pointer finger and your thumb to hold your penis at the base. Move your hand gently up and down your penis, and remember to maintain the pressure. Don’t go beyond the gland, and this is how you do 1 jelq which takes at least 2 seconds. This is among the most beneficial male sexual energy exercises but do not do this more than twice daily.

3.   Rotating Exercise

This is among the funny sexual exercises that work to increase your penis length and are effective exercises for sexual performance. Start with taking your penis below its head to feel stretching. While maintaining this position, tilt the shaft clockwise.

A complete rotation should take at least 20 seconds. When done, get back to the original position and do the rotation in the anticlockwise direction. It’s necessary to maintain the shaft’s angle away from the base, and you should feel traction but not pain.

4.   Kegels

Kegel’s exercises and sexual performance go hand-in-hand. Kegels are also helpful sexual exercises for premature ejaculation and are divided into 4 categories from beginner-friendly to moderate. They are known to improve erectile stability, erectile quality, fighting premature ejaculation, and boosting sex duration. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which enhances your orgasms.

Pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that look like a small hammock that sits between your pubic and tailbone. It is easy to perform Kegels, but first, you need to locate your pelvic floor muscle, which is below the testicles. To find your pelvic floor muscle, try to stop your urine flow and notice that a particular vein feels pressured and gets hard. This is the pelvic floor muscle which is the focus of Kegels.

How Do I Perform Kegel Exercises

Start when you are calm and start with the most straightforward exercise. Perform this exercise with a semi-erect penis, don’t rush through the process, and don’t overdo your limits. The 1st phase involves relaxation and contraction by pressing your pelvic floor muscles with 1 or 2 fingers slowly and gently and then letting go. Do this process at least 18 times during the early stages. Press the pelvic muscle for 2 to 3 seconds and release your fingers.

The 2nd phase is about breathing and contracting, which involves pressing the pelvic floor muscles, and while holding your pressure, try to reach your maximum press and keep your breath for at least 15 seconds. Breathe out and release your pelvic floor muscles. Repeat this at least 4 times for 30 seconds each time.

Climbing the hill is the 3rd part, and it involves pressing your pelvic floor muscles gently for 4 seconds. Press the muscle and wait for at least 5 seconds. Keep increasing your deep contractions and holding duration. Continue with this exercise until you reach your maximum hold and contraction.

The last phase is called the tidal wave, and it is the most difficult of all Kegel exercises. Press your pelvic floor muscle gently, and then keep increasing pressure until you reach your limit. Kegel exercise is the answer to your question about what is the best exercise for erectile dysfunction.

5.   Opposite Stretch

This is an effective exercise for increasing length. Gently hold the head and use the other hand to hold the base and pull in different directions, upwards and downwards. Hold for 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat several times.

Most men have been fascinated by increasing the girth and length of their penises. There are many unconventional ways of doing this, but stretching exercises are safe and effective. These exercises are easy and take a few seconds.

Have you tried any of these exercises? Please share your experience with us.

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Sex with a Small Penis
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How to Have Great Sex with a Small Penis

How to be Good in Bed Regardless of the Penis Size

What does it take to enjoy sex and enjoy it to the max? That’s a never-ending question for most husbands and wives. As it stands, couples often have conflicting ideas of how to spice their sex lives. When questioned about their sex lives back in 2006, slightly over 50% of the men interviewed were comfortable with their penis size. In contrast to that, as high as 85% of women cherished their partner’s penis size.

Times may have changed, but the women are still the same. Your mate may not tell you all the time, but perhaps they are perfectly fine the way you are.

Instead of beating yourself up, you can work on improving your confidence levels and adding some skills. Prolonged exposure to porn makes a lot of women, and men, fancy longer sizes. But that’s all it is – a fantasy. Those who’ve had an experience with one at times end up complaining about how uncomfortable or even painful it is. The point is, a small penis size may be a blessing in disguise. Relationship experts from the best hookup sites advise avoiding self-condemnation, which will take a toll on your relationship. Stop despising your biological makeup and start using it to your advantage.

How? Well, that’s where we come in.

Openly Communicate Your Penis Size with your Lover

Marital life is all about bearing with each other. It’s about making things work. But the first step is to communicate what you’re going through. Your woman may be alright with your sex life, but once depressing thoughts of a small penis size overwhelm you, it may interfere with your love life.

Find a way of how to measure your penile size correctly. Discuss the results with your woman. Let her understand how that affects you and find out their honest thoughts. With open communication, both of you will be able to move on together stronger.

Recent studies show that men often overstate their penis size. This highlights their deeply seated insecurities and fears. The average length of an erect penis ranges between 4-5.16 inches long. You can use the BPEL model if you’re looking to measure your penile size correctly. This includes both the length and width.

Small Penis Size Could Actually Lead to More Intimacy

A small penis size could be your saving grace when it comes to spicing things up. So here’s the catch, you should always aim to stimulate the clitoris. The G-spot lies just about 3 inches inside. That’s good news. Most women need an “extra job” to stimulate the glorious spot. A small-sized penis will definitely reach 3 inches inside, but it’s not enough to bring the ecstasy.

If you want to please your woman and bring out more intense orgasms, focus more on foreplay. We may need a whole e-book on foreplay. But the bottom line is, you know your woman best. While some may be aroused by breathing into their skin and licking their sensitive areas, others may reach their climax mainly through words. You know what recipe works best for your lover. Use it to your advantage, and they will forever praise your penis size and manly prowess.

Penis size shrinking due to pollution, poor diet, and lifestyle is becoming common by the day. So stop being envious of the next guy. Instead, take this opportunity to spice things up with your lover on foreplay. Avoid masturbation often, as this imbalances your testosterone levels. Lower testosterone equals lower sex drive and development of body organs in men.

Amazing Sex Positions for Small Penis Sizes

Skill is a prime ingredient in your bed language. What’s more, how long you last may even hinge on your sex position. Some styles may hinder maximum penetration. Here are some positions that may work best with a small penis size:

(1)   Do it from the back.

Rear entry, such as the doggy style, allows deeper penetration into the vagina. As she bends, bring her legs together for a more profound and more satisfactory sensation for the both of you. Bringing the thighs together may also increase friction around the harder-to-reach G-spot, hence building on pleasure. When in the doggy position, place pillows beneath her tummy to lift her and offer extra support.

(2)   Dualistic missionaries always work.

Let your woman be in the missionary position. When on top, she’ll be able to move around in a manner that increases her pleasure points. Instead of moving up and down, she can slowly grind and rock against you, allowing her to touch all the right spots. If you’re the one on top, having her legs resting on your shoulders will allow deeper penetration.

(3)   Reverse cowgirl.

This is essentially the missionary position with her on top but with her back facing you. Add a pillow or two on your backside to raise you slightly. It’ll give you the extra penetration you seek.

(4)   Get your hands busy.

As you penetrate your woman, use your hands to also offer additional excitement to the clit. While this may be limited to several positions, you should not leave your hands free if you can use them constructively.

(5)   A face-to-face intimate moment.

Sitting on a chair face-to-face is not only intimate but also allows for deeper penetration. The chair should be low enough to let her legs touch the ground as you make love.

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Avoid Doing this with a Small Penis Size

We recently had a concerned husband ask, “Does size matter in getting pregnant?” Well currently, there are no cause-and-effect studies on penis size for pregnancy. However, suppose certain medical conditions, lifestyle, sugars, toxins, and pollution are causing your penis to lessen in size. In that case, they might also be the same factors causing infertility in your union.

Moreover, avoid toxins such as herbicides, chemical pollutants, and medicinal drugs that lower testosterone. Cigarettes also won’t add you pointers if you’re wrestling a small penis size. Finally, sugars (especially the artificial variety) are bad news when you are already dealing with a low sex drive.

What Are The Variations In Penis Size?

Data on the penis size percentage shows some variations in penis size by region. Do you know how many guys have a 7-inch penis size when fully erect? Well, aside from the ones you witness in paid blue films, the rest fall in the 95% of men. Similar to those who have a dick 3 inches or below. The point is, even if you’re among this rare 5%, all hope is not lost. You can still reclaim your sex experiences and have the best sex of your lives.

Do try these tips out, then come and share your experience with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


Miranda is an experienced relationship writer. Miranda enjoys studying relationship counseling, education, and development that focuses on improving communication. Miranda is passionate about cooking and yoga.

BDSM A Beginners Guide From Sex Educators

BDSM A Beginners Guide can take many forms; for some, it’s silk ties, blindfolds, and handcuffs, while others go to some extremes, it can even show up in anime on sites like Fortnite Hentai for example. It might not be to the interests of some, but it piques the curiosity of others.

BDSM beginners may wonder, “Where should I even begin?” Since “kink” covers a variety of activities and forms of sexual expression, from sex educators and experts, there are a few essentials they should know.

Here are experts’ tips on how to begin using BDSM.

Avoid the shiny object syndrome.

Erotic coach, go slowly and be patient. BDSM encompasses a large number of activities. There are so many things to explore when you first begin exploring this new world, from spanking to bondage to dominance to needle play. New BDSM users tend to overindulge in their enthusiasm and try too many things at once. Take the time to enjoy yourself, and don’t allow yourself to be tempted by endless temptations.

Consider consent.

In order to understand consent, you need to know the basics. All the BDSM techniques are based on consent. By skipping consent, you risk serious harm to others as well as to yourself. The infographic on consent by Oh Joy Sex Toy is awesome. Be sure not to overlook the importance of enthusiastic, ongoing, voluntary consent and informed. Basically, it’s a yes that is fully engaged, uncoerced, and without manipulation.

Enjoy yourself.

If you are trying to tie a fancy knot or command someone to kneel for the first time, you may feel awkward or silly. “If you don’t know what you’re doing, then you’re not going to enjoy BDSM. All should be done in an adventurous spirit. BDSM activities tend to be dangerous, so you should find a reliable educator and utilize their help.

Decide your role.

When you engage in power play, you can both exert equal power by negotiating your participation beforehand. When planning what happens, everyone has a say. After you’ve learned how to negotiate a scene, you’ll enhance the live sex broadcast and make it an essential part of the relationship’s foreplay.

The right words are crucial

A scene would end if a person said something like, “I’m not sure” or “I do not know.” It’s sometimes difficult to think of words for your scene, but keep this in mind, in intense scenes, it can be difficult to formulate or form words, so you should keep it simple.

Keep your boundaries in mind.

You needn’t give up control outside of the bedroom simply because you practice BDSM in the bedroom. “There are some people who just want BDSM for enhancing their sex experience, that is fine as well. Many people do not have dominating/submissive relationships and prefer kinky sex over anything else. Your partner and you should be able to appreciate each other’s differences and understand each other’s needs.

 Be honest at all times.

Honesty is BDSM’s number one priority. You shouldn’t assume that your partner will know what you want, how you feel, and what your limits are just by reading their minds. BDSM activities can be a lot of fun if you find a partner you want to do them with who is not asking you these questions.

Get Started With BDSM
Safe BDSM Products


How To Safely Get Started With BDSM?

Whenever someone hears the term BDSM, they immediately picture pain and dominance. This category of sexual activities is usually viewed from an unfair set of glasses. People start picturing the scenes from the movie “50 Shades of Grey”.

Is BDSM really that painful? Does someone who is involved in such sexual activity really enjoy it?

There could be many other questions related to BDSM in your mind which might get cleared after you finish reading this blog. I will give you valuable information about BDSM and try to debunk the myths associated with it. The intention behind writing this blog is to spread awareness of BDSM and how it can be safely done for sexual pleasure. So, let’s begin.

A section of our society considers BDSM a taboo. As a result, very few people actually practice it. Giving feedback or judgment about something without even trying is unfair. Moreover, those, practice it, tell us that both partners can enjoy these sexual activities if done with care and safety. You can get more information about BDSM by referring to the website of Oklute, or simply talking to an expert such as Brisbane escorts who offer such services.

Now, let’s learn what BDSM actually is.

What is BDSM?

It is an acronym that defines various practices beyond fetishism. Here, B stands for Bondage, which focuses on pleasure through the partial or total binding of one of the partners. It can be done with the help of handcuffs, ropes, or adhesive tapes. There are many real experts who consider it a form of art, known as Shibari. Besides, couples, after a span of time, start looking for different ways that could give them more pleasure and improve their sex life. Such instances or desires can be considered as the beginning of Bondage.

Now, the D stands for Domination and Discipline, followed by Sadism for ‘S’ and Masochism for ‘M’. Couples prefer to perform a role play in which there is an element of dominance and a submissive person, and hence, it got such a name. It is always performed in a consensual manner and can reach different levels depending upon the choices, preferences, and desires of the couple performing it.

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How to perform BDSM safely?

There are different sex techniques that require little expertise before performing them. You should be very vigilant about what you are doing. A minor mistake can completely ruin the fun. If you and your partner want to try BDSM, then you both must have requisite information regarding the same. Key tips regarding the name have been provided below:

BDSM A Beginners Guide

Ensure There is Consent Before You Start

Persons involved must ensure that their sexual activity is safe, healthy, and consensual. These are the three keys to BDSM. So, it is very vital to communicate the desires, intentions, needs, and requirements with all the participants to clearly set the limits and carve boundaries between what’s acceptable and what’s not. It is essential to communicate everything in order to ensure that all the participants involved enjoy it. Any sexual activity will make sense only when everyone is enjoying it.

Educate Yourself So You Know What To Expect

Get the proper information about all the aspects related to BDSM. You can refer to video tutorials, forums, news, blogs, etc., to find out the required information. I would suggest you collect more information about how it is performed in different parts of the world. Also, make sure to do extensive research about your culture, as well. We observe that the same thing is acceptable in one part of the world, but a taboo in some other corner. To ensure that you don’t feel embarrassed in the future, so take precautions before getting started.

Make Sure You Trust Your Partner

Trust is the key that will ensure a pleasant sex sessionIt is important to have confidence in oneself or one’s partner in order to get started with BDSM. To gain some experience if you are not confident, you can refer to expert Delhi escorts with experience for directions. Sex is a private matter, and hence, you and your partner must forget about prejudice, shame, or any sort of stereotype.

For adding more fun, you and your partner can use sex toys to better stimulations. Sex toys are best for oral sex or gentle penetration.

So, irrespective of your age, it is necessary to know yourself well and be open about it. We all are unique creatures, and so do our desires.

How To Introduce Penis Plugs Into Your Relationship

Introduce Penis Plugs

Sometimes in a relationship you may want to think about adding something like to Introduce Penis Plugs to the mix of your sexual encounters with your partner. With time, you may find that sexual hunger and imagination may expand to accept different experiences. You may also be a daring couple who would love to discover new approaches to satisfy and fulfil each other’s needs in the bedroom. With the knowledge of what their each other sexually needs, the couple will endeavour to fulfil them with the benefit of creating an extraordinary climax. The investigation of new ways to gain sexual fulfilment will help couples to learn more about their bodies erogenous zones.

The use of sex toys within your sexual lifestyle is an unquestionable requirement and using Penis Plugs may be your choice that your partner will be grateful for and can create inspirational sexual encounters. Penis Plugs can create sexual interest, be used for urethral play and in addition can be used as a penis embellishment to attract your lover. The urethra is a forbidden zone and will peak interest with new incitement and sensations that they have never felt before. Penis Plugs can create a new appreciation for couple’s sex.

It can be an extremely fun experience watching a Penis Plug being inserted. As well as went the penis becomes fully erect and engorged with pleasurable sensation. Here are our top tips forhow to introduce Penis Plugs into your relationship:

Understand Your Partner’s Sex Toy Use

By this point you’ve most likely had no less than a couple of discussions about sex toys together. Possibly these conversations were tongue and check or simply discussed what you enjoy using during personal masturbation. Sometimes the topics you spoke about were important. You might need to ask your lover questions to understand where they are coming from. Some questions you need to think about may be: Has your lover every experimented with sex toys? Have they ever used a sex toy with another lover for mutual masturbation? Would your partner consider using a sex toy with you? If not, why are they not willing to use a sex toy with you?

To open their world up to Penis Plugs you may need to share your experience with sex toys you have previously used as well as how you used them. Tell your partner what you like about sex toys. Attempt to be clear about how sex toys are not an indistinguishable thing from sex with an accomplice and how they are not a substitute. On the off chance that you sense resistance on the topic, consider this simply the primary discussion. Give them some time and don’t attempt to talk about Penis Plugs immediately.

Acknowledge That You Want To Use Penis Plugs

Disclose to your partner that you have been considering exploring your sexual lifestyle with the use of Penis Plugs. Show your partner a website, resources or information about Penis Plugs so she is able to understand what they are and how they work. Ensure that you show her the benefits of using a Penis Plug. The benefits include a sensitive erection that highly reacts to stimulation, a harder erection and provide intense climaxes. Penis Plugs can unquestionably improve your sexual lifestyle that your significant other can participate in as well.Your partner will be able to watch your face and body react with extreme amounts of pleasure and be able to be in control of how much pleasure you receive.

Be Honest About Your Desire To Use Penis Plugs

As in every aspect of a relationship, being completely transparent with your lover is key to maintaining a long term relationship and a healthy sexual lifestyle. Openly talk with your partner about all the reason’s you think using a Penis Plug would benefit you personally as well as how it would benefit your relationship.Tell your partner whether a Penis Plug turns you on.Tell them how it would you add a little zest to your relationship. Be particular about your longings and desires.Your accomplice realises that adding a new sex toy to your relationship will help to expand your sexual fulfilment.

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Bring Penis Plugs Up Casually

In case you’re not open to taking a seat and having an immediate discussion about it, find different ways bring Penis Plugs up. Specify seeing it in a magazine or simply show it to your partner when you see it on a website. You could email your partner an article about sex toys and Penis Plugs. Give them the time to read up on the topic by themselves and form their own opinions.

In the event that there’s a decent adult lifestyle centre where you live, next time you stroll by it recommend that you both go in. Be evident that it’s not to purchase something, but rather just to have a quick look. Whenever you go shopping in an adult lifestyle centre simply walk around the region where the Penis Plugs are displayed. You don’t need to have the discussion at then and there, you’re permitted to take it slowly.

Acknowledge That A Penis Plug Is A Sex Toys For One

There are sex toys intended for couples which typically implies that the toy is worn by one accomplice or the other and gives incitement amid intercourse. There are a few exemptions to this like Penis Plugs. Penis Plug is a perfect sex toy for one accomplice to hold and use on the other. Utilising a sex toy with an accomplice doesn’t need to imply that you both get off on the sex toy. Using a sex toy for personal pleasure is similar to asking for a specific sex position, or setting aside a time of day to have intercourse. It may very well be something or other you have to feel the sort of joy you need to feel. On the off chance that your accomplice is getting a handle on this, then it’s an open door for them to discuss what they would personally like to experience whilst addressing their needs as well.

Focus On Your Partner’s Personal Comfort Level

When you are talking to your partner listen to their feeling and take your time to understand how comfortable they are with using Penis Plugs. You should respond kindly and delicately to what they say. Similarly as you need to be open to conveying new encounters to your relationship, your accomplice ought to feel good voicing any wavering thoughts. Possibly your partner is not yet prepared for a Penis Plug right now yet you can both work up to it. Sex and closeness is constantly better when both of you can impart precisely what you do and don’t need within your sexual relationship.

Be Open To Your Partner’s Sexual Interests

Don’t just think about your own sexual interests or desires! Maybe you need to find out other new sex toy your lover may be interested in, so both of you can gain pleasure. Be open to new and exciting experiences that you both may wish to have. Be liberal about your dreams, fantasies or interests that are expressed. Both of you have stepped toward an all the more energizing sexual coexistence together, you may be surprised to find that you both are coming out of your sexual shells. The more agreeable you both are talking about the things you need, the more brave you can be within the relationship.

Research Information About Urethral Sex Toys Together

Have a look at the large assortment of Penis Plugs and find a Penis Plug or urethral sex toy which is best to use for a beginner.

Shop For A Penis Plug Together

A portion of the fun of finding something new is the sentiment of exploration when you search for it together. Search for a Penis Plug that you can use by yourself as well as one which you can use together. Having to options will bring you both delight. When you purchase a product together it additionally makes it both of your sex toys rather than simply it being your sex toy. It gets to be something that both can experience together and it will help to build on the closeness of your relationship.

Buy A Penis Plug That Is Simple, Small And Attractive

There are a great deal of choices out there, a significant number of which can look very scary. Your Penis Plug ought to be something you’re both alright with, something that satisfies you both with more than just functionality. Search for a Penis Plug within the beginners guidelines that is:

– Find A Penis Plug That Is Simple To Use

Discover something that you can both use easily. You need to buy a quality Penis Plug that is not overly complicated. Complicated Penis Plugs may distract the couple from urethral play.

– Find A Penis Plug That Is Attractive

Gone are the days when you were restricted to buy something that is made with appallingly low quality. Nowadays there are better Penis Plug designs that combine both style and sexual stimulation. This is something you’ll ideally be experimenting with consistently together. Ensure the Penis Plug is something you appreciate taking a gander at and in addition using. The best Penis Plugs are made out of surgical steel or the best quality and cleanliness. Some are made from body safe silicone.

– Find A Penis Plug That Is Small And Unintimidating

Some sex toys can appear threatening and intimidating to someone who is new to the experience. Make sure you buy a Penis Plug that your partner will not feel threatened by. It should be something which is simple in design, so you and your partner will not have much to worry about during usage. So you both can focus on the sexual pleasure it will bring to your life.

Give Yourself Personal Time To Experiment With The Penis Plug

In the event that you come to the heart of the matter where your accomplice is interested in the thought, you may need to take the opportunity to use the sex toy alone first. This means, that you can learn how to use the Penis Plug without any distractions which will be a safer method of experimenting. When you have comfortably, build up enough experience and feel like you can safely use the Penis Plug with your partner you can ask them to join you.

Give Your Partner Personal Time To Experiment With The Penis Plug

Penis Plugs can be used by both genders to reach sexual fulfilment. Maybe your partner will also like to experiment with the Penis Plug in their own time without you in the room. Give them privacy to have a look at the sex toy by themselves so they are able to become comfortable with holding it and inserting it so they can gain confidence with the new sexual experience. It is not recommended to share urethral sex toys so you can both build up your individual sex toy collection according to personal needs. Being able to experiment on themselves will also help them to gain the courage to implement the use of it during couples play.

Teach Your Partner About Penis Plugs Creatively

To makes things easy, you can give them a personal demonstration on how you use the sex toy. This can be extremely visually appealing for the both of you and gives your partner an idea of how the pleasurable stimulation affects you whilst you build yourself up to climax. One approach you can do this is to offer them a private show in the comfortability of your home. Give them a set of rules to follow. For example, you can tell them to only watch and don’t interact with the experience, let them know if they are able to touch you, or whether they have the ability to watch you whilst masturbating.

Some people may feel very uncomfortable looking directly at you whilst you are showing them something very personal. If this is the case you can shield your eyes from their view, so they can freely look at your body without feeling judged. There is no correct approach to give them a personal demonstration.

Using The Penis Plug Together

Ideally by this point there’s been some expectation developed between the two of you in order to attempt to use the sex toy together. You need to set up the room to have everything prepared to the correct beginners Penis Plug guidelines to ensure your safety and the correct hygienic steps have been taken for your personal safety. Place everything in an easy to reach area next to where you will be having the urethral play. Your set up should include your Penis Plug and your selected choice of lubricant. Ensure your lover has also taken the recommended Penis Plug safety steps to. You will most likely be the one to insert the Penis Plug easily into your urethra.

Hold your shaft and the Penis Plug safely in your hands and when you ready you can give your lover the control of your urethral play. On the off chance utilise your hands to guide and show them about the weight, edge, position and how it feels. It might take a couple times for them to get the hang of it, so be understanding. In any case, in the event that you discover they aren’t getting it, you can take it once again from them and check whether there’s a movement that works for both of you so you get the chance to utilize the sex toy and you both get the chance to give and feeling delight.

Understand The Difference Between Expectations Vs Reality

Remember there is a big difference between expectations vs reality. We could follow the guidelines in the best way possible but still find our partner reluctant or may not enjoy urethral play. A man from stated “I’ve always wished I could “have sex” my wife with this hose in place, because it makes my penis feel like it is on steroids and could go on forever, but my wife is very prudish and would think I’m deranged if I ever suggested it. You’re lucky that your girlfriend already sounds your dick, even if she’s not very enthusiastic about it.”  Although you may attempt to introduce Penis Plugs into couples play, your partner may find she might not enjoy it as much as you do.


Beginners Penis Plug Guide With Urethral Sounds

Beginners Penis Plug Guide

Choosing the Right Penis Plug: Materials, Types, and Options

Beginners Penis Plug Guide – When exploring urethral play, selecting the right penis plug is crucial. As a beginner, you need a penis plug suited to your experience level. Take time to consider materials and types before making your decision.

Penis Plug Materials

Penis plugs come in various materials, including silicone, surgical steel, glass, beads, and mixed materials. However, not all materials are safe. Below is a list of safe and unsafe materials to help you choose wisely.

Safe Materials

For those new to urethral play, we recommend body-safe surgical steel or medical-grade silicone penis plugs.


Penis plugs made from body-safe silicone have a smooth surface with a soft, pliable, and flexible structure. Some silicones are porous, so extra care is needed when cleaning to maintain hygiene.

Surgical Steel

Penis plugs made of body-safe surgical steel are highly recommended. They are non-porous, durable, and easy to clean, with no cuts, tears, or imperfections that can cause harm.

Importance of Using Safe Materials

Urethral play can be an exciting experience, but it must be approached with caution. Using the wrong materials can lead to severe injuries and medical emergencies.

Silicone and Surgical Steel

Always choose body-safe materials like medical-grade silicone or surgical steel. These materials are non-porous, easy to clean, and designed to be safe for the body.


Proper cleaning of your penis plug is crucial to avoid infections. Body-safe silicone and surgical steel are easy to sterilize, ensuring your safety during play.

Making the Right Choice

When choosing your first penis plug, consider the following tips:

  1. Start Small: Begin with a smaller plug to get accustomed to the sensation.
  2. Choose Safe Materials: Stick to body-safe surgical steel or medical-grade silicone.
  3. Prioritize Hygiene: Clean your plug thoroughly before and after each use.
  4. Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to your comfort and stop if you feel pain or discomfort.
Glass Penis Plugs
Never Use Glass Penis Plugs


Unsafe Materials

Certain materials are unsafe for urethral play. Avoid using glass, beads, mixed materials, or household objects as penis plugs. They can cause serious harm and health problems.

A study by the University of California documented 17 patients who used dangerous items as penis plugs. Objects included speaker wire, an AAA battery, open self-clasping sticks, a plastic container, straws, a marble, and a cotton-tipped swab. One person even made a homemade electro sex penis plug using battery wires to transmit low voltage.

Things You Should Not Use as a Penis Plug

When it comes to urethral play, safety is paramount. Here’s a list of things you should never use as a penis plug.


Inserting glass sex toys into the urethra is dangerous. Do not use thermometers or anything made from glass. The glass may shatter and cause irreparable damage.


Inserting beaded sex toys into the urethra is hazardous. The beads may come loose and require surgical removal. Always avoid using beads for this purpose.

Mixed Materials

Plastic or silicone joined to a surgical steel penis plug is dangerous. These materials can become loose and may require surgical removal. Stick to single-material, body-safe plugs.

Household Objects

Never use household objects as penis plugs. These items can be unhygienic and harmful. You don’t know what they’re made of or where they’ve been. Some objects that people have used include nails, screws, beans, pens, knitting needles, baby carrots, and sticks.

One unfortunate incident involved a 70-year-old man from Canberra. reported that he went to the emergency department with a 10cm fork lodged in his penis. The International Journal of Surgery Case Reports wrote, “The steel cutlery item was inserted into his urethra for his sexual gratification.”

Unorthodox Spa Treatments

Homemade penis plugs and unorthodox spa treatments have caused many medical emergencies. An example is the case reported by, where an eel swam up a man’s urethra during a beauty spa treatment in China. The man from Honghu, Hubei province, said, “I climbed into the bath and felt the eels nibbling my body. Then I felt severe pain and realized a small eel had gone into the end of my penis.”

Types of Penis Plugs

When exploring urethral play, it’s important to understand the different types of penis plugs available. Each type offers unique experiences and benefits. Here’s a detailed look at various penis plugs.

Solid Penis Plugs

Solid penis plugs have no openings and are a single, complete piece. They do not allow you to urinate or ejaculate while wearing them. These plugs can be used for extended periods but must be removed when fluids need to be expelled. Attempting to ejaculate with a solid plug in place may cause it to be forcibly ejected, leading to potential injuries and complications.

Retrograde Ejaculation

Solid penis plugs block the urethra during ejaculation, causing semen to be unable to escape. When the plug is similar in width to the urethra, semen returns to the bladder instead of being expelled. This phenomenon is known as retrograde ejaculation. Retrograde ejaculation can be painful, and the semen is expelled when you urinate. If retrograde ejaculation sexually arouses you, consult a medical professional to understand its effects and safety.

Through-Hole Penis Plugs

Through-hole penis plugs, also known as cum thru penis plugs, can be worn for extended periods. These plugs have a hole through the middle, allowing men to urinate and ejaculate. They provide the flexibility to expel fluids without removing the plug.

Flexible Penis Plugs

Some cum thru penis plugs are made from bendable materials, offering a smoother, more comfortable experience. Flexible plugs are usually constructed with body-safe surgical steel at the top and bottom, with a flexible middle section. This design is gentle and durable, making it a good option for transitioning to different-sized plugs.

Sprinkler Penis Plugs and Attachments

Sprinkler penis plugs feature a sprinkler head attachment at the end of a cum thru penis plug. This attachment creates a sprinkler effect during urination, which can be sexually stimulating due to the added restriction on urine flow. Sprinkler penis plugs are a great addition to any sex toy collection, especially if you enjoy BDSM or couples play.

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Customer Review

“When I masturbate with my wife, I use a Cum Thru Penis Plug. Fortunately, she enjoys giving me a handy with it placed in my penis. My sensitivity moaning turn her on the most. I make sure my plug has a glans ring which keeps everything firmly in place. My masturbation lasts forever. When I orgasm, I shoot loads through the tiny cum thru hole and the pressure shots it higher! Even when, I have finished, the semen slowly drips out of the hole. This turns us both on and gets us wanting more”

Types of Penis Plugs Continued

Exploring different types of penis plugs can enhance your urethral play experience. Each type offers unique sensations and benefits. Here’s an in-depth look at various penis plugs.

Sperm Stopper

The sperm stopper features a solid ball that goes into the urethra but is not deeply inserted. The ball attaches to a bent rod connected to a glans ring, which fits around the head of your penis. This design keeps the sperm stopper in place while the ball stimulates the frenulum or V-spot. Sperm stoppers are popular among beginners in urethral play and are typically shorter than most penis plugs.

Prince’s Wand

Also known as the policeman’s nightstick, the Prince’s Wand generally requires a Prince Albert piercing. Some variations, called “Pound Puppies,” are designed for multiple penis piercings and feature multiple beads. However, there are versions of the Prince’s Wand that don’t require a Prince Albert piercing. Some Prince’s Wands are solid, but for day-long wear, it’s advisable to use one with Cum Thru functionality. Cum Thru Prince’s Wands often have a removable ball at the end for urination or sex.

Ridged Penis Plugs

Ridged penis plugs have textured ridges that provide pleasing sensations during insertion or removal. They come in both solid and Cum Thru varieties. Advanced users often prefer ridged plugs for added stimulation, moving beyond smooth or sleek plugs for more intense sensations.

Tapered Penis Plugs

Tapered penis plugs, also known as trainer plugs, allow you to gradually and safely stretch your urethra. They can be slowly pushed into the urethra, and when resistance is felt, you should stop and wait for the urethra to relax before inserting further. Tapered plugs are ideal for beginners who want to experience urethral stretching and prepare for larger urethral sex toys.

Buddy Penis Plugs

Buddy penis plugs are double-ended plugs designed for two people to share. When using a buddy plug, it’s crucial to maintain hygiene and follow safety guidelines for penis plugs.

Long Penis Plugs

Long penis plugs are longer than most plugs but don’t quite fit into the category of urethral sounds. These progressive sex toys offer a taste of using urethral sounds and help expand the urethra for larger capacities. Long plugs come in various shapes, bends, widths, and functionalities. They provide sensations that empower the penis but are not typically long enough for deep urethral stimulation reaching the prostate.

Centipede Penis Plugs

Centipede penis plugs are made from a mix of surgical steel and flexible material, allowing them to conform to the shape of your urethra. These plugs are segmented, alternating between steel and flexible material, resembling a centipede. Centipede plugs are excellent for those who want to experiment with long urethral toys while maintaining comfort.

Glans Ring

Glans ring penis plugs come with an attachment designed to hold the plug in place for extended wear. This feature ensures the plug stays securely in position, providing consistent stimulation without shifting.

Electro Sex

Body-safe surgical steel penis plugs are excellent electrodes for electro sex. Connect one lead wire to the external part of your plug and the other to a reference point, like a cock ring or a sticky electrode on your leg. The electrostimulation sends pleasurable waves through your penis, often resulting in climax without physical touch. Some users also enjoy the added sensations of electro sex pinwheels or whiskers. Add this to your BDSM Play.

Vibrating Penis Plugs

Vibrating penis plugs feature a small yet powerful motor that sends exquisite vibrations through your shaft. Many men love the sensation of vibrations moving up and down the urethra, reaching their erogenous zones. These plugs typically have a larger end to house the battery compartment, though recent designs have adopted a narrower compartment for increased comfort.

Urethral Wand

Urethral wands are similar to penis plugs but much longer. They can be straight, curved, or s-shaped and often have circular bulbs on the end. Urethral wands are designed for deep insertion into the urethra, reaching up to the bladder. Some urethral wands also come with vibrating functionality. Originally designed for medical use, these wands offer intense stimulation.

Sound Kit

Medical sound kits, initially used to dilate the urethra, are now available as sex toys. These kits are great value for money and can be used by both men and women for deeper penetration sensations. Sound kits allow for a controlled and gradual exploration of urethral play.

Prince Albert Wand

The Prince Albert Wand collection offers several designs for those with or without piercings. For pierced penises, these wands feature decorations that can be screwed on and off, ranging from simple balls to elaborate designs like a middle finger. For unpierced penises, rings provide support and adornment, mimicking the look of a piercing. The removable cap covers a hollow body, allowing for versatility in play. These wands can make you feel like a true blue-blooded prince.

Exploring the various types of penis plugs can significantly enhance your urethral play experience. Whether you’re interested in the stability of glans rings, the thrill of electro sex, the sensations of vibrating plugs, the depth of urethral wands, the value of sound kits, or the unique appeal of Prince Albert wands, there’s something for every preference. Always prioritize safety and hygiene to ensure a pleasurable and exciting experience.

How To Have The Best Phone Sex Experience

The Best Phone Sex

Many people shy away from The Best Phone Sex because of how explicit and vocal they have to be while over the phone. They will never be able to experience the beauty of it, on account of their shyness. We get it! It can be super intimidating. But if your someone who has sex in person”,  you can do it over the phone too.

Overcoming Initial Awkwardness

Remember that once the two of you ease into things, it won’t be awkward anymore. Each time I had phone sex with a boyfriend or even my fiancé, it felt weird at first but amazing later on. In life, it’s often the things that make us uncomfortable in the beginning that leave us feeling completely invigorated in the end. One way to look at it is how the person on the other end has nothing else to fantasize about but you in that moment. This alone is a huge compliment and turn-on, knowing you can make someone climax without even touching them.

Ways to Have the Best Phone Sex Experience

Always Get Permission and Talk About It First

There should never be a moment when you just jump into phone sex out of nowhere, unless it’s with someone you’ve been with for years. Sometimes, a person isn’t in the right frame of mind or in the right place to do it. They may even be far from their bed at the moment of impact, so always make sure first.

The two of you should discuss everything, literally everything. What do you not want him or her to say? Are there any trigger words? Is there anything that could immediately end the conversation? Plan it out and set it up like a date, but a sex date over the phone.

Ensure Your Environment is Suitable

Even if you’ve talked about it and your partner is ready to go, check the temperature of the room first. Are you ready to lay down and start this steamy, hot conversation, or do you have to cook dinner in five minutes? Make sure your mind is relaxed and you don’t have anything to do for at least a couple of hours.

Beyond just your environment, make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. You need to feel sexy and vulnerable. Sometimes a shower beforehand can help with that, or if you love doubles of everything, maybe you could have a pre-game orgasm.

Know What to Say and What Not to Say

Easing into phone sex is probably the hardest part. Sometimes, people start making noises before they say much at all. Make sure you’ve talked about the no-no words, the turn-offs, and, of course, the go-to words to make things come to a head.

For example, a woman may like the word ‘pussy’ but get very turned off by the c-word, as many women do. Men, on the other hand, may get upset if you even crack a smile when he pulls his pants down. It’s all about personal preferences and boundaries—we all have them.

Masturbate together

The best way to get the ball rollinis to start masturbating together, and letting each other know exactly what you are doing too. This is where your word play kicks in, and the tone of your voice can mean everything as well. Make sure you keep the tone in your voice low and calm, playful yet serious, and a little of everything all rolled up into one. Make the other person feel comfortable and be silly if you have to, to break the ice.

Masturbating together then letting each other know what youre doing simultaneously will almost always set the mood and everything else just follows after. This is where you could start saying things that will set them off, something like Im getting really wet thinking about you” or youre making me so hard right now” are some of the best ice-breakers.

Utilize the Room Around You

We’re not saying to grab the nearest hairbrush and shove it inside you, but use things near you to enhance the pleasure. Have some porn? Turn it on and listen while you have fun with your partner. Prefer light, sexy music instead? Turn on your favorite CD to “bump and grind” too. And yes, if you have sex toys (or something sanitary that can double as a sex toy), go for it!

Enhancing the surrounding room with background noise or visuals, or using toys to boost the pleasure, will allow you to open up and be free during the phone sex experience.

Dirty Talk… More Dirty Talk… and Did We Say Talk Dirty?

One of the leading phone sex chat lines,, teaches us that talking dirty is the single most important thing about having an amazing phone sex experience—and I couldn’t agree more! You can’t have a great session over the phone with just moaning and noises; you’ve got to bring those feelings and actions to life.

After all, we can’t see what you’re doing, so you have to tell us.

Live Out a Fantasy

One of the hottest things a girl or guy could ever do for their partner is to allow them to live out their fantasy. So, if he’s always wanted to bang a hot nurse, guess who you’re going to be today? If she’s always wanted to hang on to some rock-hard firefighter’s muscles, get ready to whip out your hose! Since our brains are what gets us roaring and ready, you must get your mindset right and think about your partner in a sexy way for takeoff!

Relive a Hot, Steamy Moment of Yours

I’m sure the two of you have already had a hot, steamy, and sexual moment together. Rehash that moment or those hours of passion. While you’re touching yourself and they touch themselves, you can reminisce on how amazing that night was for you when he went so deep inside you for the very first time. Remind him how he made you cum faster than anyone ever has.

For him, he could let her know how tight she felt and how, on the night they made love on the couch, he almost couldn’t get it in a third time because she felt so good on his dick. Making them feel like the king or queen of the world, coupled with the hot, steamy moment you had and are having right now, is a surefire way to spice up the phone sex and make them cum… again.

Send Pics, Get on Skype/Facetime, and Add to the Fun

We’re living in a time where the phone is no longer just an apparatus to call someone. Now you can call someone, turn on the camera, and show your face (and body) too. Since we didn’t have this growing up in my days, I can only imagine how this will turn out if the phone by itself was a pleasure hero.

Don’t send too many pics and certainly don’t send pics of the same ‘thing’ over and over. Spice it up and leave something for him or her to imagine. Only use Skype or Facetime if you’re having phone sex with someone you really love or care about. Otherwise, you could end up on a porn site, and you certainly don’t want that. At least, not unless you’re getting paid, right?

And For The Finale:

Whatever you can do to entice your lover or partner and help them visualize what you are doing and how you are feeling, rather than just letting them hear you. Being able to see, know, and hear what it feels like when you pleasure yourself, for your partner, is a recipe for the best phone sex experience you’ll ever have!

Now, go pick up the phone and plan out that next phone sex session with your partner right away!

Fetishes and Kinks
Kinks and Fetishes

Take Your Fetishes and Kinks to the Next Level

Fetishes and kinks are nothing to be ashamed about. We all have them, and studies have shown that we tend to be a lot happier in life when we choose to embrace them and benefit from them.

Sadly, satisfying our kinks and benefiting from them is still not a totally acceptable norm in society. Luckily, there are platforms online that make it easy to satisfy these kinks and even connect with other people who share the same sexual interests that we do.

What’s more, for those who have the talent and who don’t mind showcasing it to the world, there is even an opportunity to achieve incredible financial freedom.

Earning Money from Kinks Online

Many people don’t know this, but it is indeed possible to earn thousands of dollars every week thanks to kinks and fetishes. How do you do this, you ask? By registering on adult platforms and putting on a show that reflects kinks and fetishes that you have, that others are curious about, and that they also share a love for.

Adult cam platforms are where people come to showcase their sexuality on cam shows and get rewarded for it. And what’s more, it has become common knowledge that models and broadcasters tend to garner more attention when they specialize on their kinks and fetishes.

Of course, an important question to consider, apart from identifying your kink, is which platform to register on.

Registering on the right cam platform can go a long way in making your life as a cam model a lot easier. Not only does it determine how much you’ll be able to earn, it also determines how big you’ll be able to grow.

For this reason, we usually recommend that our readers register on Chaturbate cam website.


Chaturbate has an edge over its competitors thanks to the fact that it excels in pretty much every key metric you’ll want a cam platform to excel in.

It is simple to navigate, has an enticing rewards system, and of course it boasts of millions of users, and, with the right strategy and dedication, a significant chunk of them will become your loyal fans in no time.

Finding a Long-Lasting Connection

Apart from making money on these platforms, showcasing your kinks and fetishes on Chaturbate can also go a long way in helping you build long-lasting connections with similar minded people.

It is hard to find people in real life who like the same fetishes that we do. For those with really specific fetishes, it is almost impossible to share them with another person in the first place.

On the cam platforms, however, things are extremely easy. Not only are you safe from judgment, but you are even rewarded and admired for it. And of course you get to be in constant contact with the people who love you for what you do.

These are great recipes for making good friends and a solid connection with people.

Optimizing Your Chances

It is worth mentioning that there is a way you can optimize your chances on Chaturbate to achieve all of your goals. With the strategy, you put yourself in the best position to not only become popular and make a lot of money on the platform, but also to connect with like-minded people with the same sexual interests.

This strategy is also simple and straightforward enough. It is none other than customizing your profile. Chaturbate, you see, allows users to customize their profile with beautiful graphics.

This way they can stand out and communicate key information to people who visit their profile. You too can use this as a way to build curiosity and let people know what you’re into, and the things you’re willing to do. Doing this ensures you only get to connect with people who are also interested in what you’re interested in. And as mentioned earlier, template customization on Chaturbate is quite straightforward when you do it right.

All you have to do is visit, gain access to their variety of profile design graphics and edit to suit your taste. What’s more, getting your design on Designurbate is totally free and the whole process can be completed in just a few minutes.