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My First Time Using A Penis Plug | Sex Toy Guide

Like many people, I took a lot of time to work out what I needed sexually as masturbation was one of the easiest and simplest ways to achieve orgasm. I got bored of using porn and although masturbation sleeves helped to give me the feeling of having penetrative sex, I never quite reached the climatically experience that I really wanted to. I never really got there, you know? To that place where you could just hold onto your orgasm perfectly.

One of my friends recommended I try out Penis Plugs for a change. I had a look at penis plug images online, and although they looked mildly uncomfortable I wondered why all these men sexually gained from it. They weren’t pulling faces of pain but they had enjoyment and pleasure pulled across their faces. Their penises all looked quite bigger then normally as they swelled up against their choice of urethral play. The swelling of the penis turned me on and I wanted to try it for myself. The more I looked at the photos, the more I dreamt and fantasized about my penis being engorged with a penis plug inside. Just thinking about it got me aroused.

I read online forums as to the questions other people had asked and looked a t a lot of penis plug resourced. Everyone appeared to have these great benefits especially people who had erectile dysfunction. The people who got used of the feeling of a Penis Plug in their urethra absolutely loved it. I found a lot of Penis Plug users have a collection that they are fond of.

I bought the Penis Plug online, it came nicely packaged in a plain box. The only labelling on the box was a PO Box so no one knew what was in my package. I was really excited to open it. I opened it and found the Penis Plug and my big bottle of lubricant. I thought to myself how such a small device could provide such a big sexual fulfilment. It took a small while to get my head around it.

Soon thereafter, I chose it would be the first occasion when I would attempt it. Nobody else was in the house. During this time, I sterilised it in boiling water and placed it on a clean cloth for future use.

Whilst it was boiling, I settled on music and put on something relaxing music to put me in the mood. I pushed the considerations that something would turn out badly out of my head. Made sure my bed was in order so I could sit down comfortably. I had a warm shower and cleaned my body thoroughly. Once I was out of the shower, I dried myself off completely. And when the timer went off I took out the penis plug and let it cool down on my bedside table next to my lubricant. I put some pillow up and sat sit down on my bed.

I was ready for placing the Penis Plug inside. I placed a lot of lubricant on the Penis Plug and some on my tip. I was aroused so I had to wait till my shaft softened. I took the penis plug and set the tip on top of the gap. I gently inserted the very tip into my penis. It felt really uncomfortable and unnatural. Due to the uncomfortable feeling, I slowly took it out. I had another go. This time the steel shaft slid gradually into my penis, feeling it extend somewhat as it went. It was so natural once I was not erect, then came the ring, getting it over the head and into position cosily so it embraced my head as I got to be distinctly increasingly hard. The penis plug stopped going in due to the stopper at the top.

As I sat there with the penis plug in my dick, I could feel a little snugness, however nothing too terrible. It was the sort of snugness that can rest easy on your mind. Similar to when someone tries to have you a precise hand job without hurting your penis. I sat there for another minute, feeling the sound inside me, before hauling it out and lubricating it up once more.

I was astounded that it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. I was prepared to go again. I delicately began moving the Penis Plug inside and out of my penis.  I proceeded with this for a little time more, until I felt like the lubricant might wear off and relubricated again.

Penis Plug and Urethral Sex Toy Textures Photo
Photo: Penis Plug And Urethral Sex Toy Textures

I went for a couple of more minutes before halting. I would not like to try too hard on my first attempt. I had been informed that it may be sore after or that it would blaze to urinate, so I would not like to bring about a lot of agony immediately.

What had appeared to be so strange and difficult hours before was currently something I started to think I couldn’t live without. Where had this been my entire life? It sounds modest, however I felt like another man. Presently I had something for those occasions when my woman simply wasn’t doing it for me. On the other hand, far superior, I contemplated demonstrating it to her. The picture of the fun we would have together expanded my pleasure much more.

I cleaned my Penis Plug and went to the restroom to flush everything out before putting my new most loved sex toy away. I went into the shower after and jerked off, considering how I needed to utilize it with my sweetheart when I got the hang of it. There was a slight blazing sensation when I urinated, yet it left rapidly enough.

By and large, the first run through wasn’t awful, yet it wasn’t the best I would have. It resembled doing anything surprisingly new like jerking off, engaging in sexual relations, and going down on a young lady for the first time. You can kind of comprehend what you’re doing, yet you still truly don’t. So the sensations will be unique in relation to when you can truly comprehend what’s happening.

It looks stunning on, it takes a couple wears to become truly OK with the feelings. When I chose to use a Penis Plug once more it was in a couple of days after my first attempt. Like riding a bicycle or like jerking off, the emotions and sensations returned to me very quickly each time I used it. After a while, I understood the size and flexibility of my urethra. I subsided into a bigger size as my urethra expanded. From that point forward, I’ve started using a Penis Plug all the more frequently. For me, it is the ideal prelude to a climax.

I cherish wearing it amid foreplay or even solo play and it makes an awesome showing with regards to reach climax. It’s hard in some cases to constrain myself to stop and remove it before coming. Having it inside is so pleasurable taking it out is a hard thing to do because you just want to continue to feel the pleasure. I’ve likewise explored different avenues including wearing one with a glans ring and a ball stopper to delay my ejaculation. Some days you just feel like a completely different experience and I can pick any one that I want.

I cherish this urethral sex toy so much I can hardly wait to return home from work some days and simply pop it on and potter about the house, a day or two ago I even cut the grass wearing it and I was so turned on simultaneously, it held the prepuce pulled back and made my penis head rub on my briefs as I did laps about the garden. A superb sex toy that has given me an incredible feeling and an erotic story.