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My First Penis Plug

Discovering My Needs: A Journey Into Personal Satisfaction

Early Explorations

My First Penis Plug – Like many people, I took a lot of time to work out what I needed sexually as masturbation was one of the easiest and simplest ways to achieve orgasm. I grew bored of using porn, and although masturbation sleeves provided a semblance of having penetrative sex, I never quite reached the climactic experience that I really wanted. I never really got there, you know? To that place where you could just hold onto your orgasm perfectly.

Experimenting with Penis Plugs

A friend recommended I try out Penis Plugs for a change. I viewed penis plug images online, and although they appeared mildly uncomfortable, I wondered about the sexual gains for these men. They weren’t showing signs of pain but rather displayed faces full of enjoyment and pleasure. Their penises looked significantly larger as they swelled during their urethral play. The swelling of the penis intrigued me, and the more I looked at the photos, the more I fantasized about my penis being engorged with a penis plug inside. Just the thought of it aroused me.

Community Insights and Purchase

I explored online forums for answers to questions others had and observed many penis plug resources. It seemed everyone enjoyed remarkable benefits, especially those with erectile dysfunction. Those accustomed to the sensation of a Penis Plug in their urethra absolutely loved it. Many Penis Plug enthusiasts even had collections they cherished.

I purchased the Penis Plug online; it arrived nicely packaged in a plain box with only a PO Box as labeling, so no one knew what was inside. Excited, I opened it and found the Penis Plug alongside a large bottle of lubricant. I marveled at how such a small device could provide such profound sexual fulfillment.

First Experience and Adjustments

Soon after, I decided it would be the time for my first attempt. With no one else in the house, I sterilized it in boiling water and set it on a clean cloth for later use.

As it boiled, I chose relaxing music to set the mood. I dismissed any worries that something might go wrong, organized my bed for comfort, took a warm shower, and thoroughly cleaned my body. Once out, I dried off, and when the timer sounded, I let the penis plug cool on my bedside table next to my lubricant. I propped some pillows up and sat down on my bed.

Insertion and Initial Feelings

I was ready to insert the Penis Plug. I applied ample lubricant to the plug and some on my tip. Aroused, I waited until my shaft softened. I positioned the plug at the entrance of my urethra and gently began the insertion. It felt really uncomfortable and unnatural at first. Due to this feeling, I removed it slowly but tried again. This time, the steel shaft slid more smoothly into my penis, expanding it slightly as it went. It felt more natural once I was not erect. The ring followed, securing over the head and snugly embracing it as I became increasingly hard. The insertion stopped due to the top stopper.

As I sat there with the penis plug inside, I felt a slight tightness, but it was not too uncomfortable. It was the kind of tightness that feels reassuring, similar to receiving a precise hand job that doesn’t hurt. I sat for another minute, enjoying the sensation inside me, before removing it to apply more lubricant.

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Continued Use and Reflection

Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as I had anticipated. I was ready to go again. I gently moved the Penis Plug in and out, continuing until I felt the lubricant might wear off, so I applied more.

I continued for a few more minutes before stopping. I didn’t want to overdo it on my first try. I had heard it might be sore afterward, or it might burn to urinate, so I didn’t want to cause too much discomfort right away.

What had seemed strange and daunting earlier was now something I thought I couldn’t live without. It felt revolutionary, and I felt like a new man. I now had something for times when my partner wasn’t satisfying me or, better yet, to show her for potentially enhanced mutual pleasure. The thought of the fun we could have together heightened my excitement even more.

I cleaned my Penis Plug and went to the bathroom to rinse everything out before putting away my new favorite sex toy. Afterward, I showered and masturbated, contemplating its use with my partner once I became more accustomed to it. There was a slight burning sensation when I urinated, but it dissipated quickly enough.

First Impressions and Learning Curve

By and large, the first run through wasn’t awful, yet it wasn’t the best I would have. It resembled doing anything surprisingly new like jerking off, engaging in sexual relations, and going down on a young lady for the first time. You can kind of comprehend what you’re doing, yet you still truly don’t. So the sensations will be unique in relation to when you can truly comprehend what’s happening.

Adapting to the Device

It looks stunning on, and it takes a couple wears to become truly comfortable with the feelings. When I decided to use a Penis Plug once more, it was a few days after my first attempt. Similar to riding a bicycle or jerking off, the emotions and sensations returned to me very quickly each time I used it. After a while, I understood the size and flexibility of my urethra. I transitioned to a bigger size as my urethra expanded. From that point forward, I’ve started using a Penis Plug more frequently. For me, it is the ideal prelude to a climax.

Enhanced Pleasure and Exploration

Enjoyment During Intimate Moments

I cherish wearing it during foreplay or even solo play, and it does an excellent job in helping me reach climax. It’s challenging at times to force myself to stop and remove it before coming. Having it inside is so pleasurable that removing it is difficult because you just want to continue feeling the pleasure. I’ve also explored different setups, including wearing one with a glans ring and a ball stopper to delay my ejaculation. Some days I crave a completely different experience, and I can choose any setup I want.

Integrating the Toy into Everyday Life

I adore this urethral sex toy so much I can hardly wait to return home from work some days and simply put it on and potter about the house. A few days ago, I even mowed the lawn wearing it and was so aroused simultaneously; it kept the foreskin retracted and made my penis head rub on my briefs as I walked around the garden. A superb sex toy that has given me an incredible feeling and an erotic story to share!

Final Thoughts

Overall, the first experience wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best I would have. It was like trying anything new for the first timeā€”like masturbating, having sex, or performing oral sex. You sort of know what you’re doing, but not really. So the sensations are different from when you fully understand what’s happening.

It looks great when worn, and it takes a few uses to become used to, but now I’m a fan.