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How To Choose A Penis Plug For A Beginner

Choosing A Beginners Penis Plug | Sex Toy Guide

Penis Plugs are wonderful urethral sex toys for beginners. Here are the fundamental motivations to pi[……]

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All you need to know about the male sex toys

Whether you are going to have sex alone or with your lady love, the market has an amazing range of sex toys to offer that are sure to take your sex li[……]

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How To Choose A Urethral Sound For A Beginner

Choosing A Beginners Urethral Sound | Sex Toy Guide

Urethral sounds are incredible sex toys made for profound urethral investigation as they are much[……]

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How To Use A Penis Plug Safely

Penis Plug Safety | Sex Toy Guide

Using a Penis Plug Safely for the first time requires 10 necessary to be taken which include: Purchase a Penis[……]

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Urethral Sex Toys For Women

Womens Urethral Sex Toy Usage | Sex Toy Guide

There are women who would love to invest time into urethral play however are uncertain of the type of u[……]

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How To Introduce Penis Plugs Into Your Relationship

Sometimes in a relationship you may want to think about adding something new into the mix of your sexual encounters with your partner. With time, you[……]

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Using a Strapless Dildo for Maximum Pleasure

Perhaps when you see a strapless strap-on dildo for the first time, you will be confused with its form and design. But if you are for new challenges a[……]

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Beginners Penis Plug & Urethral Sound Guide

Penis Plugs Materials, Types and Choices | Sex Toy Guide

There is a large selection of Penis Plugs for urethral play to choose from but it is very im[……]

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