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For ages, men have been plagued by the question of whether penis size matters and if penis stretching works. A bigger penis increases your confidence and boosts your sex life. Almost all men want to have a big penis, and women are looking for the same. Enlargement creams and lotions are popular, but you can also increase your penis length and girth through stretching exercises which are safe and inexpensive.

How Penis Stretching Works

Penis stretching is the act of using a device or your hands to increase the girth or length of your penis. Here is how it works and what to expect:

1.   Stretching Sexual Exercises

This is the most popular sexual exercise for boosting girth and length and takes only 5 minutes. It involves massaging the tissue along the expanse of your penis using your hand. This is one of the best exercises for sexual performance. To do this exercise, hold your penis gently behind the head and stretch towards the knee and maintain this position for 20-30 seconds.

You will feel a stretching sensation but no pain or discomfort. Next, hold your penis in its original position, stretch it gently towards the navel, and hold for 20-30 seconds. Pull it in the left and right direction, hold for at least 20 seconds and then relax. You can also buy stretching devices. If you haven’t free cash, consider getting a 255 dollar online payday loan at an affordable rate.

2.   Jelqing

This is one of the most effective sexual dysfunction exercises. It’s simple, but it improves the size and hardness of your penis. Jelqing is a penis stretching technique that makes it look thicker and longer. Start with a partially erect penis and use lube to prevent chafing or friction between the penis and your hands.

Use your pointer finger and your thumb to hold your penis at the base. Move your hand gently up and down your penis, and remember to maintain the pressure. Don’t go beyond the gland, and this is how you do 1 jelq which takes at least 2 seconds. This is among the most beneficial male sexual energy exercises but do not do this more than twice daily.

3.   Rotating Exercise

This is among the funny sexual exercises that work to increase your penis length and are effective exercises for sexual performance. Start with taking your penis below its head to feel stretching. While maintaining this position, tilt the shaft clockwise.

A complete rotation should take at least 20 seconds. When done, get back to the original position and do the rotation in the anticlockwise direction. It’s necessary to maintain the shaft’s angle away from the base, and you should feel traction but not pain.

4.   Kegels

Kegel’s exercises and sexual performance go hand-in-hand. Kegels are also helpful sexual exercises for premature ejaculation and are divided into 4 categories from beginner-friendly to moderate. They are known to improve erectile stability, erectile quality, fighting premature ejaculation, and boosting sex duration. Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which enhances your orgasms.

Pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that look like a small hammock that sits between your pubic and tailbone. It is easy to perform Kegels, but first, you need to locate your pelvic floor muscle, which is below the testicles. To find your pelvic floor muscle, try to stop your urine flow and notice that a particular vein feels pressured and gets hard. This is the pelvic floor muscle which is the focus of Kegels.

How Do I Perform Kegel Exercises

Start when you are calm and start with the most straightforward exercise. Perform this exercise with a semi-erect penis, don’t rush through the process, and don’t overdo your limits. The 1st phase involves relaxation and contraction by pressing your pelvic floor muscles with 1 or 2 fingers slowly and gently and then letting go. Do this process at least 18 times during the early stages. Press the pelvic muscle for 2 to 3 seconds and release your fingers.

The 2nd phase is about breathing and contracting, which involves pressing the pelvic floor muscles, and while holding your pressure, try to reach your maximum press and keep your breath for at least 15 seconds. Breathe out and release your pelvic floor muscles. Repeat this at least 4 times for 30 seconds each time.

Climbing the hill is the 3rd part, and it involves pressing your pelvic floor muscles gently for 4 seconds. Press the muscle and wait for at least 5 seconds. Keep increasing your deep contractions and holding duration. Continue with this exercise until you reach your maximum hold and contraction.

The last phase is called the tidal wave, and it is the most difficult of all Kegel exercises. Press your pelvic floor muscle gently, and then keep increasing pressure until you reach your limit. Kegel exercise is the answer to your question about what is the best exercise for erectile dysfunction.

5.   Opposite Stretch

This is an effective exercise for increasing length. Gently hold the head and use the other hand to hold the base and pull in different directions, upwards and downwards. Hold for 30 seconds and then relax. Repeat several times.

Most men have been fascinated by increasing the girth and length of their penises. There are many unconventional ways of doing this, but stretching exercises are safe and effective. These exercises are easy and take a few seconds.

Have you tried any of these exercises? Please share your experience with us.

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Sex with a Small Penis
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How to Have Great Sex with a Small Penis

How to be Good in Bed Regardless of the Penis Size

What does it take to enjoy sex and enjoy it to the max? That’s a never-ending question for most husbands and wives. As it stands, couples often have conflicting ideas of how to spice their sex lives. When questioned about their sex lives back in 2006, slightly over 50% of the men interviewed were comfortable with their penis size. In contrast to that, as high as 85% of women cherished their partner’s penis size.

Times may have changed, but the women are still the same. Your mate may not tell you all the time, but perhaps they are perfectly fine the way you are.

Instead of beating yourself up, you can work on improving your confidence levels and adding some skills. Prolonged exposure to porn makes a lot of women, and men, fancy longer sizes. But that’s all it is – a fantasy. Those who’ve had an experience with one at times end up complaining about how uncomfortable or even painful it is. The point is, a small penis size may be a blessing in disguise. Relationship experts from the best hookup sites advise avoiding self-condemnation, which will take a toll on your relationship. Stop despising your biological makeup and start using it to your advantage.

How? Well, that’s where we come in.

Openly Communicate Your Penis Size with your Lover

Marital life is all about bearing with each other. It’s about making things work. But the first step is to communicate what you’re going through. Your woman may be alright with your sex life, but once depressing thoughts of a small penis size overwhelm you, it may interfere with your love life.

Find a way of how to measure your penile size correctly. Discuss the results with your woman. Let her understand how that affects you and find out their honest thoughts. With open communication, both of you will be able to move on together stronger.

Recent studies show that men often overstate their penis size. This highlights their deeply seated insecurities and fears. The average length of an erect penis ranges between 4-5.16 inches long. You can use the BPEL model if you’re looking to measure your penile size correctly. This includes both the length and width.

Small Penis Size Could Actually Lead to More Intimacy

A small penis size could be your saving grace when it comes to spicing things up. So here’s the catch, you should always aim to stimulate the clitoris. The G-spot lies just about 3 inches inside. That’s good news. Most women need an “extra job” to stimulate the glorious spot. A small-sized penis will definitely reach 3 inches inside, but it’s not enough to bring the ecstasy.

If you want to please your woman and bring out more intense orgasms, focus more on foreplay. We may need a whole e-book on foreplay. But the bottom line is, you know your woman best. While some may be aroused by breathing into their skin and licking their sensitive areas, others may reach their climax mainly through words. You know what recipe works best for your lover. Use it to your advantage, and they will forever praise your penis size and manly prowess.

Penis size shrinking due to pollution, poor diet, and lifestyle is becoming common by the day. So stop being envious of the next guy. Instead, take this opportunity to spice things up with your lover on foreplay. Avoid masturbation often, as this imbalances your testosterone levels. Lower testosterone equals lower sex drive and development of body organs in men.

Amazing Sex Positions for Small Penis Sizes

Skill is a prime ingredient in your bed language. What’s more, how long you last may even hinge on your sex position. Some styles may hinder maximum penetration. Here are some positions that may work best with a small penis size:

(1)   Do it from the back.

Rear entry, such as the doggy style, allows deeper penetration into the vagina. As she bends, bring her legs together for a more profound and more satisfactory sensation for the both of you. Bringing the thighs together may also increase friction around the harder-to-reach G-spot, hence building on pleasure. When in the doggy position, place pillows beneath her tummy to lift her and offer extra support.

(2)   Dualistic missionaries always work.

Let your woman be in the missionary position. When on top, she’ll be able to move around in a manner that increases her pleasure points. Instead of moving up and down, she can slowly grind and rock against you, allowing her to touch all the right spots. If you’re the one on top, having her legs resting on your shoulders will allow deeper penetration.

(3)   Reverse cowgirl.

This is essentially the missionary position with her on top but with her back facing you. Add a pillow or two on your backside to raise you slightly. It’ll give you the extra penetration you seek.

(4)   Get your hands busy.

As you penetrate your woman, use your hands to also offer additional excitement to the clit. While this may be limited to several positions, you should not leave your hands free if you can use them constructively.

(5)   A face-to-face intimate moment.

Sitting on a chair face-to-face is not only intimate but also allows for deeper penetration. The chair should be low enough to let her legs touch the ground as you make love.

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Avoid Doing this with a Small Penis Size

We recently had a concerned husband ask, “Does size matter in getting pregnant?” Well currently, there are no cause-and-effect studies on penis size for pregnancy. However, suppose certain medical conditions, lifestyle, sugars, toxins, and pollution are causing your penis to lessen in size. In that case, they might also be the same factors causing infertility in your union.

Moreover, avoid toxins such as herbicides, chemical pollutants, and medicinal drugs that lower testosterone. Cigarettes also won’t add you pointers if you’re wrestling a small penis size. Finally, sugars (especially the artificial variety) are bad news when you are already dealing with a low sex drive.

What Are The Variations In Penis Size?

Data on the penis size percentage shows some variations in penis size by region. Do you know how many guys have a 7-inch penis size when fully erect? Well, aside from the ones you witness in paid blue films, the rest fall in the 95% of men. Similar to those who have a dick 3 inches or below. The point is, even if you’re among this rare 5%, all hope is not lost. You can still reclaim your sex experiences and have the best sex of your lives.

Do try these tips out, then come and share your experience with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!


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