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Penis Plugs Materials, Types and Choices | Sex Toy Guide

There is a large selection of Penis Plugs for urethral play to choose from but it is very important as a beginner to choose a Penis Plug that is suitable for your skill range. You will need to take time to consider materials and the types of Penis Plug before you make your decision.

Penis Plug Materials

Penis Plugs come in a variety of materials including silicone, surgical steel, glass, beads and mixed materials. But just because a Penis Plug is made of these materials does not mean it is safe. Below is a list of Safe Materials and Unsafe Material to be aware of when you are choosing your Penis Plug.

Safe Materials

For those that wish to try urethral play we recommend Body Safe Surgical Steel or Medical Grade Silicone Penis Plugs.


Penis Plugs made from body safe silicone have a smooth surface with a soft, pliable and flexible structure. Some body safe silicones are made from a porous material, so extra care must be taken when cleaning to maintain hygiene.

Surgical Steel

Penis plugs are usually made of body safe surgical steel. They are made without any cuts, tears or anything which can cause physical harm to the body. They are non-porous, long-lasting and easy to clean.

Unsafe Material

There are Penis Plugs that have been made that are not safe for your body. It is important not to use glass, beads, mixed material or house objects as a penis plug. They can cause harm and health problems to your body.

A study done by the University of California found a history of 17 patients who has used 17 different items for Penis Plug usage were noted. The objects incorporated “speaker wire, an AAA battery, open self-clasping sticks, a plastic container, straws, a marble, and a cotton-tipped swab.”  To make matters worse, someone attempted to make a homemade Electro Sex Penis Plug which was made from connecting battery wires to transmit low-voltage.

Below Is A List Of Things You Should Not Use As A Penis Plug.

– Glass

Glass sex toys inserted into the urethra is dangerous. Do not use thermometers or anything made from glass. The glass may shatter and cause irreparable damage.

– Beads

Beaded sex toys being inserted into the urethra is dangerous. The beads may come loose and will have to be surgically removed.

Mixed Material

Plastic or silicone joined to a surgical steel penis plug being inserted into the urethra is dangerous. The materials may become loose and will have to be surgically removed.

House Objects

Do not use any object that you may find lying around the home as it can be unhygienic or be harmful to your body.  As you will not be aware of what these objects are made up of or where they have been. Do not use the following objects that have been used as penis plugs – Nails, Screws, Beans, Pens, Knitting Needles, Baby Carrots, Sticks and many more objects.A unfortunate household object became stuck in a man’s urethra was reported on by the who said “A 70-year-old Canberra man came to an extraordinarily painful fork in the road when he presented to Canberra Hospital’s Emergency Department with a 10cm fork lodged in his penis.“ whilst the International Journal of Surgery Case Reported “The steel cutlery item was inserted into his urethra for his sexual gratification, a write-up in the said.”

Unorthodox Spa Treatments

Homemade Penis Plugs have made many news headlines including curious creatures wiggling their way up a man’s urethra. reported a beauty spa treatment had an eel swim up a man’s urethra and lodge itself into his bladder.“An erratic eel wriggled its way up a man’s penis and into his bladder following an accident during an unorthodox beauty spa treatment in China.” And ‘I climbed into the bath and I could feel the eels nibbling my body. But then suddenly I felt a severe pain and realised a small eel had gone into the end of my penis,’ the 56-year-old from Honghu, Hubei province said.”

Penis Plug Types

Penis Plugs come in a multitude of shapes, lengths and diameters so there is one for every penis size. They also have a large range of textures including tapered, ribbed, smooth, waves, beads and many more. The textures give the wearerenhanced sensations during insertion, stimulation or removal. The more distinct textures will provide higher levels of stimulation. Most Penis Plugs have a stopper disc on the top to stop it from going too far into the urethra. Below is a list of penis plug variations:

Range of Penis Plugs Photo
Sex Toys From Left to Right: Rosebuds Starpin, Intertia Flexible Cum Thru Plug, FreakoutNation Sperm Plug & Dual Glans Dual Rings and the Ultimate Prince Albert Cum Thru Penis Wand


Solid Penis Plugs have no openings and are one complete piece. They do not allow you to urinate or ejaculate whilst wearing them.  They can be used for extended periods but must be removed when any fluids are required to be expelled through the urethra. If you attempt to ejaculate, the power of ejaculation may push the penis plug out which may cause injuries and other complications. Sometimes Solid Penis Plugs can cause retrograde Ejaculation:

Retrograde Ejaculation

Solid Penis Plugs will also act as a blockage when a man goes to ejaculate, the semen will not be able to be expelled. This especially happens when the Penis Plug is of similar width as the urethra. Rather than the semen being expelled from the body, it will return to the bladder. This is known as “retrograde ejaculation”. Retrograde ejaculation can be painful. The semen which is returned will be expelled when you pee. If this is something which sexually arouses you, you will need to speak with a medical health professional to understand how it will affect you and whether it’s a safe sexual activity.

Through Hole

Through-Hole Penis Plugs are also known as the Thru Hole or the Cum Thru Penis Plug which can be worn for extended periods. This Penis Plug has a hole through the middle of the shaft which allows men to ejaculate and urinate. The Cum Thru Penis Plug can also be a flexible Penis Plug and used with a sprinkler attachment.

Flexible Penis Plugs

Some Cum Thru Penis Plugs are made as a Flexible Plug with bendable material that are made to be smooth, durable and safe which will make for a happier experience with less discomfort. They are made from gentle and bendable materials. Normally a Flexible Penis Plug’s top and bottom are made from body safe surgical steel whilst the middle is made from the flexible material. They are a good option to choose if you would like to transitioning up to a different sized Penis Plug.

Sprinkler Penis Plugs And Attachments

Many will add a sprinkler head attachment to the end of a Cum Thru Penis Plug which will make the person’s urine have a sprinkler effect. The sprinkler effect applies restriction on the urine flow which will often be sexually stimulating. Sprinkler Penis Plugs are a great additional to your sex toy collection if you enjoy BDSM or couples play.


“When I masturbate with my wife, I use a Cum Thru Penis Plug. Fortunately, she enjoys giving me a handy with it placed in my penis. My sensitivity moaning turn her on the most. I make sure my plug has a glans ring which keeps everything firmly in place. My masturbation lasts forever. When I orgasm, I shoot loads through the tiny cum thru hole and the pressure shots it higher! Even when, I have finished, the semen slowly drips out of the hole. This turns us both on and gets us wanting more”

Sperm Stopper

The Sperm Stopper has a solid ball that goes into the urethra it is not inserted deeply.  The solid ball is attached to a rod that is bent around and attached to a glans ring. The glans ring is put around the head of your penis to keep it in place whilst the ball will stimulate the frenulum or the V-Spot of your penis. Sperm Stoppers are often used by those starting out in urethral play and are typically shorter than most Penis Plugs.


The Prince’s Wand also known as the Policeman’s Nightstick. Prince’s Wand generally require a Prince Albert piercing to use. Some Prince’s Wands called “Pound Puppies” are made for multiple penis piercings and have multiple beads on them. There are versions of the Prince’s Wand were the Prince Albert piercing is not required.

Some Prince’s Wands are solid but if you intend to wear them during the day it is advisable to get one that has Cum Thru functionality.  Some Cum Thru Prince’s Wands have a ball at the end that can be removed when the wearer wants to urinate or have sex.


Range of Penis Plugs Photo
Sex Toys From Left to Right: Masters Series The Mortal Coil Sound, Tapered Elephant Dart Silicone Penis Plug, Insex Penis Plug With Glans Ring and BehindKink Waving Penis Plug with T Bar and Ring

Ridged Penis Plugs have textured ridges which provide pleasing sensations during insertion or removal.  They can be bought with Solid or Cum Thru functionalities. Often advanced users will tire of using a smooth or sleek plug and will opt for something that will give them more sensations like the Ridged Penis Plug.


Tapered Penis Plugs are also called Trainer Penis Plugs that allow you to specifically, easily and safely stretch your urethra. Tapered Penis Plugs can be slowly push it into your urethra. When you find your urethra is resistant you should stop and slowly insert it further when your urethra relaxes.  Tapered Penis Plugs are perfect for those starting out that wish to experience urethral stretching to allow you to insert larger urethral sex toys.

Glans Ring

Glans Ring Penis Plugs come with a glans ring attachment to help hold the Penis Plug in place for extended wear.

Electro Sex

Body Safe Surgical Steel Penis Plugs often make great electrodes for electro sex. Simply connect one lead wire to the external part of your penis plug and the other to a reference point such as a cock ring or your leg with a sticky electrode. The electro stimulation sends waves through your penis so pleasing; you may find you will climax without even touching yourself! Some may even find pleasure in electro sex pinwheels or whiskers for added sensation play.



Range of Penis Plugs Photo
Sex Toys From Left to Right:Masters Series Cadence Vibrating Silicone Sound Black, Gentle Giant Vibrating Urethra Sound, Hegar Urethral Sound Kits and Buddy Penis Plug

Vibrating Penis Plugs feature a small yet powerful motor that will send exquisite vibrations all through your shaft. Some men love the feeling of vibrations. The vibrations can move up and down the urethra to get to their erogenous pleasure zone. These penis plugs will have a large end where the battery compartment goes but recently have adopted a narrow compartment.

Urethral Wand

Urethral Wands are similar to Penis Plugs except they are much longer. Urethral wands can either be straight, curved in design, s-shaped and have circular bulbs on the end. There are many different Urethral Wand design. They can be inserted deep into the urethra up to where the bladder is.  You can also find Urethral Wands with vibrating functionality. Urethral sounds were originally designed for use by medical professionals.

Sound Kit

There are many medical Sound Kits that are used to dilate the urethra and are now available as medical sex toys.  These kits are great value for money and can be used by men and women alike to feel deeper penetration.


Buddy Penis Plugs are double ended penis plugs which allow two people to share the one Penis Plug. If you use a Buddy Penis Plug be cautious, remember to be hygienic and follow How to Use a Penis Plug Safely.

Long Penis Plugs

Long Penis Plugs are lengthier then most Penis Plugs but do not yet fit into the category of Urethral Sounds. Long Penis Plugs are considered a progressive sex toy that will give you a feeling of what it is like to use a Urethral Sounds. They will also expand your urethra to fit larger capacities. Like all urethral sex toys, Long Penis Plugs come in a large variety of different shapes, bends, width and functionalities. They are made to empower the penis and are normally not sufficiently long for profound and deep urethral incitement that can reach to the prostate and other profound erogenous zones of the urethra.


Centipede Penis Plugscan be made from a mixture of surgical steel and flexible material allowing it to mould with the shape of your urethra. This penis plug is made into segmented into a series of alternated sections of surgical steel and flexible material to make it look similar to a centipede.A Centipede Penis Plug is a good option for someone who would like to experiment with a long urethral sex toy but with additional comfortability.

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