Domination for Beginners: Everything You Need to Do With Your Partner

Domination for Beginners

Pain and vulnerability trigger the release of endorphins responsible for feelings of pleasure which is why Domination for Beginners is a great place to start. It is not surprising that many people like to mix a little dominant relationship with sexual stimulation: it helps to get more pleasure in the end. 

Even the simplest actions, such as spanking, can be painful if too hard or used on sensitive parts of the body. So know where to start a dominant relationship. Things are simple if you have met your partner on the best dating sites, and you both know what to do.

But what about the first time with your delicate partner? Harsh words, chosen incorrectly, can kill the mood and turn into sex problems in the future.

How to start the first dominant experience not to injure yourself and your partner? Find out tips on how to be sexually active in our article.

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Discuss everything

When starting a dominant relationship, the first and foremost rule is that you cannot experiment with pain and submission without first discussing it with your partner. It is not enough to find out that both are interested in dominant practices: you need to discuss your boundaries and the boundaries of your partner carefully. 

Learn the basic sex tips and facts about submission and domination together. Share your fantasies and ask your partner about them. Dominant relationships have many sides, and most likely, not all of them will appeal to you. It is important to find out which directions are comfortable for you and your partner to move in. 

For example: “Let’s try the handcuffs? I am very excited by the thought that you will not touch me while I caress you.” Or: “I want a game with hot wax and ice cubes. I wonder how the body will react to this.” 

Be sure to agree on safe words

A good safe word is one that you don’t accidentally say in bed. When one of the partners says the stop word, both immediately stop, after which they evaluate and discuss each other’s state. 

Another option for tracking the partner’s comfort is the “traffic light.” In this system, you use three signal words instead of one. Green means everything is fine, and you can continue experimenting. Yellow signals that you need to slow down and act carefully: the partner has not yet crossed the border, beyond which he or she is comfortable, but is very close to it. Red acts like a stop word: the partner says that he is not feeling well and wants to stop. 

After discussing the boundaries, you can experiment with the level of pain you can (and want) to endure. Start small, gradually increasing the intensity. By trying different sex tips and sources of pain, you can expand the list of acceptable and pleasant sensations to you.

Where to begin?


Roleplay sex tips and skills are an excellent way to deal with the awkwardness of practicing dominance for the first time. It is difficult to allow yourself to be a submissive partner if you have been and remain a free person in life outside the bedroom. Roleplay can help you immerse yourself in a world of submission and domination in a safer way, protecting you from possible emotional trauma. It also makes it easier to decide on actions and words during the game that might be embarrassing during ordinary life.


Bondage is a great way to start a dominant experience. Maybe these are the sex tips she wants you to know. The bonded person is at the mercy of their partner, and it can be a thrilling experience for both. In sex shops, you can buy ropes that are gentle on the skin or a complete set for those who are just starting to practice. The fasteners will save you from the need to learn complex knots and allow you to quickly release your partner from the bonds if something goes wrong.

Permissions and prohibitions

You can emphasize your submissive position by asking your partner for permission when you want to do something during your game. Beg your partner for a kiss or touch. For example, your partner may not allow you to caress yourself or orgasm without their permission.


Once you agree on certain rules, your partner can punish you for breaking them. For example, if you touch yourself without your partner’s permission, they may spank you on the buttocks. Punishment can cause emotional and even physical trauma, so make sure you know and respect your partner’s boundaries before practicing. Better to start with less severe punishments and think about sex tips for better sex. For example, your partner might refuse to kiss you for an hour, making you beg for it.

Heat and cold

Want some sex tips during quarantine? You’ve probably heard of ice and hot sex tips. Try examining how your body will react to the contrast in temperature. It is a great option for dominance and submission. To avoid burns, do not use regular candles. Massage candles, which can be found in sex shops, burn at a lower temperature: only this wax is safe to drop directly onto the skin. By purchasing sex toys made of glass and stainless steel, you can use water to heat and cool them for different sensations. 

Remember that your relationship is more important than a new sexual experience. Discuss with your partner what has happened; tell what you’ve liked and what not. Communication is the key to trusting relationships. Feel free to talk to your partner about your innermost desires and needs – what could be sexier?  In any case, if you are starting to discover the world of domination, study the issue in detail and take your time. It is much easier to increase the depth of knowledge as you embrace the topic than to eliminate the consequences of failed experiments.

Have you tried dominance sex tips?

Do you have any sex tips to make a woman happy?

What do you or your partner love the most?

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