Using a Strapless Dildo for Maximum Pleasure

Perhaps when you see a strapless strap-on dildo for the first time, you will be confused with its form and design. But if you are for new challenges and excitement, and you want to play more but despise the discomfort of strap-on harness, then this kind of toy may be an excellent option for you and your partner.

First of all, what is a strapless strap-on dildo? It is a sex toy that is an alternative to a strap-on harness and dildo that can be used in sexual intercourse where penetrating is involved. It is designed to be worn by a woman. It can be used by lesbians that are looking to enjoy sex with girls and pegging men.

This sex toy is quite funny looking but soon as you will know what it is intended for it becomes easy to understand. Here are some tips to enjoy a strapless dildo.

Kegel muscles must be strengthened

The muscles involved in a climax are what we call Kegel muscles otherwise known as orgasm, sex, vaginal muscles, and others.

To use this kind of dildo, you must have powerful Kegels to firmly grip and hold the bulb end in place. To strengthen your Kegel muscles, you can exercise it daily by squeezing your pelvic muscles for a couple of seconds and release then repeat in periods. You must do this daily for duration of 10-20 minutes.

Make use of lubricants that would last longer

Make sure that the strapless strap-on dildo is well-lubricated in both ends, that is, your partner’s ends as well. Much lubrication is necessary especially when you’re using it for anal sex. A silicone based lubricant is ideal to use because this lubricant is known for its thickness and it is designed to endure for a longer time without having to reapply every now and then, in between the activity you are in. Check sites like for the different kinds of lubricants.

Use stimulating gels for intense pleasure

A G-spot stimulating gel at the bulb’s end and a clit-stimulating gel at your partner’s end can be used for ultimate pleasure. If you are using this dildo with a male partner in pegging, a goat stimulating gel can be used for a higher degree of stimulation during backdoor penetration.

Use with other sex toys

You can use the dildo with a bullet vibrator or clitoral vibrator. There are different styles of these clitoral vibrators but all of these are intended and will provide extreme sensations to the clitoris and will give you utmost pleasure.  Nipple clamps or any other nipple toys can also be added.


How does it work?

These types of dildos can provide you plenty of fun. While strap-on harnesses are worn around your waist, thighs and hips and can be very awkward at times, strapless strap-ons do not have any of those. Strap-on harnesses may be difficult to put in place and difficult to be in place at all times, it looks weird. Strapless strap-ons have none of that awkwardness plus it allows opportunities of optimum enjoyment for anybody who likes to work on dildos with their spouse. It can be used for mutual penetration; hetero couples can use it for pegging and change in roles.

It is double ended and can be used both ways at the same time. The two ends have different shapes, however. The dildo is shaped like a letter “L” as contrasted with the dual dildos that is shaped like a lower case “I”.

The short end of this dildo is shaped like a bulb, with a tapered tip, a big body and a narrow shaft that links it to the other end of the dildo. This bulb shape end is called saddle horn. It fits into your vagina and you can hold its position using your Kegel muscles. This position leaves the other end sticking out of your vagina as if it came from inside your body, just like a penis would do. This makes it look realistic, more than the harnessed version would do. The saddle horn while in place inside your vagina will rub your G-spot so it will give you the same sensation as your spouse is having, this will give both of you mutual pleasure. For easy positioning and grip, choose the types with bigger horns, it is much more easy to hold in place more than the small ones. You can also check out a strapless dildo guide to ensure optimum performance and pleasure for both you and your partner.

Aside from eliminating the inconvenience brought about by harnesses and adjusting straps, the benefits of using strapless strap-on dildo includes being able to obtain more skin-to-skin touch and allow more freedom to the hand. Both you and your partner can orgasm together and it gives a realistic feel to sexual penetration.