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It might come as a surprise, but escorting isn’t precisely what you’d call a “normal” job and just for fun I keep Secret Diaries. I’ve been in this business for a few years now, and I can tell you that it takes you places — literally and figuratively.


If you ever wondered what kind of situations a male escort can get himself into, you’re in luck! Today, I’ll share with you a few stories about when things took a left turn on my job.



Extravaganza In The Sky

Before I got into the escort industry, I was a man of modest means. I came from a working-class family and wasn’t used to many luxuries in my life. Here’s one story of an extravagant date with a client that left me enchanted.


As a straight male escort, I work with ladies only. I provide them with non-sexual services, which means that women hire me to have a good time without getting into bed.


I entertain clients at dinners or do something fun that the client enjoys most of the time — things like shopping, picnics, etc. This instance, however, was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.


I got booked for an appointment by a lady, let’s call Susan (not her actual name). Susan and I agreed to meet at the restaurant of a lavish hotel at 8 p.m. on a Friday. We met, greeted, and started with the usual chit-chat.


She was a well-off businesswoman in her late 40s, fit and looking very young for her age — all in all, a charming lass. When I asked her why she decided to hire an escort, she replied that she craved a conversation with someone new and young. We clicked instantly, and our date went smoothly.


Susan suggested we skip dessert and head up to the hotel’s roof upon finishing the main course. We got up, and there was a helicopter waiting for us!


Susan said that she’d arranged it and that she wanted it to be a surprise. I was beyond words, both scared and excited as a 10-year-old at the same time. We hopped on, the pilot got the craft off the platform, and we took off for a flight around the city.


There I was, an average Joe, in a helicopter, having the time of my life. Susan even managed to get those desserts delivered to us before we took off, but I was too excited to eat. The weather couldn’t have been better, and the views were well, spectacular.


After about an hour of cruising, chatting, and laughing, we got back to the hotel rooftop. As we parted, I thanked Susan for this experience, and she suggested we do it again sometime.


We never did, though, but I still hope she’ll call me up again one day!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Psycho

Unfortunately, not every date is as enjoyable as the one mentioned above. Some are downright terrible, and I’m about to share an account of such an instance.


I had an appointment with a 30-something stunning lady. We were to go for dinner and then hit a club afterward. I arrived at the restaurant, got seated, and waited for the client.


She joined me 15 minutes late, gasping for air and with a mouth full of apologies. I assured her that there wasn’t a problem, and we proceeded to order drinks.


As I mentioned, she was gorgeous, and everything about her seemed normal, except for her bold and loud laughter.


A few drinks into the evening, she pulled some sort of a figurine from her coat and told me, “I just stole this from the gift shop a few blocks down!” Stole!?


Yes, stole!


When I asked why she’d done it, she said that she gets a rush from it and does it all the time!


She was short of breath when she arrived because she was running from the store owner, a middle-aged Asian man with a temper. She maniacally laughed as she recounted how he chased her, and I laughed with her trying to conceal my shock.


Then, she started being extremely rude to the waiter for no apparent reason. She, on purpose, spilled a drink he had just brought her and accused him of it. I could not hide my discomfort any longer, so I suggested we go to the club.


She (thankfully!) agreed.


As the waiter brought us the receipt, she refused to pay, saying how awful everything was and that she hated it. Note that she did not say a single bad word about the restaurant during the entire evening.


I covered the bill just to get out of that horrible situation, even though, by agreement, the escort never pays for anything.


As I reached for my wallet, the girl snatched the purse of one of the guests and ran straight out! I could not believe my eyes. It took me a bit to explain that I was only her escort and did not know the girl.


I’m not sure what happened after that, and I never heard from her again. I just remember going home thinking, “I can’t wait to share this with the lads!”

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