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Body Modification

Penis Plugs And Body Modification

Body modification has been happening for centuries and is a form of self-expression. The reasoning behind why people are motivated to make such changes may include personal taste, enhance the look of the body and the marking of important milestones within your life. In spite of their rich history, changes going from something as little as ear piercings to the inking of skin through tattoos, getting branded and scarification. Sometimes people even perform self-mutilation which is a marking of mental health problems.

One of the mainstream forms of body modification is using plastic surgery to enhance their body to look more visually appealing. Some people feel a need to change their appearance due to feelings of low confidence, low self-esteem and physical health issues. It is recommended that people who modify their body seek support from a mental health professional to ensure they are doing it for the right reasons.

Some body modifications can be used to the extent that people make themselves appear to look like a completely different animal or a fantasy creature. Some of the more common creatures may include reptiles, cats, dogs, horned devils and elves.

Genital Piercings

There are two main types of genital piercings that include the men’s Prince Albert Piercing and the women’s Princess Albertina Piercing which are explained below:

The Prince Albert Piercing:-

Prince Albert is a very popular piercing for men where they are pierced through the urethra to where the glans meet outside the shaft of the penis. There is also a piercing called the “reverse Prince Albert piercing” which enter the urethra and exits a hole placed at the top of the glans.

The Prince Albert piercing can take anywhere from 1 months to over 6 months to heal. With the piercing the wearer may experience bleeding, burning sensations when urinating, discomfort, swelling and inflammation. Sometimes if the Prince Albert piercing is not looked after carefully it can lead to infections. Like Penis Plugs and urethral wands, they can enhance sexual pleasure during masturbation though it is unable to be moved for in and out play like a urethral sex toy.  The Prince Albert Piercing works alongside the Prince’s Wand Penis Plug which uses that piercing for sexual pleasure. There is also a type of Prince Wand named the Pound Puppies Penis Plug which is a beaded version.

If you have ever considered about getting a Prince Albert Piercing you can always try a Princes Wand that does not need the genital piercings to see what it is like. The advantages of using a Princes Wand that doesn’t need the piercing means that you can gain the same effect without having to get a permanent piercing. You will also be able to feel exceptionally levels of pleasure through the movement of in and out stimulation rather than having the Prince Albert Piercing stay in the one place. There is also no healing time so you are able to use it straight away as long as you provide the right levels of personal care and standards of hygiene during urethral play.  You can also buy the Prince’s Wand with a cum through hole which will provide you with the ability to urinate or ejaculate during masturbation.

The Princess Albertina Piercing:-

Princess Albertina is a very common piercing for women where they are pierced through the urethra and exits the top of the vagina. The Princess Albertina piercing can be extremely pleasurable as the nerves within the urethra which can be felt during masturbation or when having penetrative sex.

If you wanted to go ahead with The Prince Albert Piercing or The Princess Albertina Piercing, you can always try using a Penis Plug or Urethral Wands as a piece of genital jewellery as they have hundreds of designs to choose from.

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Genital Piercings for Men

  1. Prince Albert (PA) – A piercing that enters through the urethra and exits through the bottom of the glans.
  2. Ampallang – A horizontal piercing that passes through the glans, above the urethra.
  3. Apadravya – Similar to the ampallang but vertically placed, piercing through the glans from the top to the urethra.
  4. Frenum – A piercing usually placed on the underside of the shaft of the penis along the frenulum.
  5. Dydoe – Pierces through the rim of the glans on circumcised penises.
  6. Hafada – A scrotal piercing through the skin of the scrotum.
  7. Guiche – Placed between the scrotum and the anus, on the perineum.
  8. Lorum – A low frenum piercing, located at the base of the shaft.

Genital Piercings for Women

  1. Clitoral Hood (VCH and HCH) – Vertical and horizontal piercings through the clitoral hood, respectively, which allow direct contact with the clitoris.
  2. Clitoris – A rare and somewhat risky piercing directly through the clitoral glans.
  3. Inner Labia – Piercings along the inner labia, which can enhance stimulation.
  4. Outer Labia – Similar to inner labia piercings but on the outer labia, mainly for aesthetic purposes.
  5. Christina – A surface piercing at the top of the labia where they meet near the pubic mound.
  6. Triangle – Located beneath the clitoral hood, horizontally, and usually behind the clitoris, enhancing sexual stimulation.
  7. Fourchette – Placed at the rear rim of the vaginal opening.


What Is The Reason Behind Why People Choose To Get Body Modifications?

Body Modification Is A Form Of Self Expression:-

One of the best resounding reasons why people get body modifications is to put on display how they feel and what is most important to them. It helps people to express their uniqueness, which is a profound craving to be one of a kind. Body Modification help peoples to separate themselves from other people or find people who have similar interests to them.

This reason goes hand in hand with people where makeup, spend time at the gym to enhance their muscles, or why people get a haircut or colour. All of which are ways to maintain our physical appearance to be perceived by other people. Most of the ways people modify their bodies falls under this category.

Body Modification Makes People More Appealing And Attractive:-

Depending on the level you wish to change your appearance can change the how much attention you gain. One reason why people modify their bodies is to feel better about themselves whilst another reason is for someone who would like to “Peacock”. Peacocking is a way to put yourself on display to gain attention from the sex you are attracted to. Peacocking was created from when a Peacock would put their beautiful, colourful, long quills tail on display to gain attention from a potential mate.

People may change their bodies to be sexually appealing with tongue piercings, nipple piercings and genital piercings which are all used to enhance their sexual lifestyles.

Some people are not aware that modifying their bodies will change themselves to become more appealing. But they may get a modification like a piercing or tattoo to draw people’s eyes to a part of their body that they feel is most appealing.

Tattoos, branding and scarification can be used for physical improvement. Perhaps you need to conceal an appalling old scar or believe that a tattoo that twists around your bosoms and down your side will cover stretchmarks.

Body Modification Is For Love Of The Art:-

People often seek to express their creativity through getting a tattoo on their body. It can express what type of culture, influences, colours and design. Some people purely love getting a tattoo because they enjoy looking at a piece of artwork or are a fan of the tattoo work. People can get the painting of “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh, a stylised cartoon picture of their family to a simplistic design of their favourite animal.

People often express their favourite designs by wearing different styles of piercings when they go out to special occasions like when they are on a first date. The piercing may be a design of their favourite animal, it might be made from a jewel that they love, a designer they admire or may hold a picture that is special to them.

The love of art can be even more personal to gaining a scarification outline or someone may find themselves to develop elf like ears since you love the Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Body modifications that are designed to be artistic shows your appreciation to a particular culture within the community.

Body Modification Can Create A Personal Narrative:

Tattoos are frequently the result of a tattoo artist and fan cooperating to make a visual design that recounts a story that is important to the individual getting inked. The same could be said in regards to scarification and body markings. Anyone can get a body modification that can be used to acknowledge a personal story within your life. Some people get a tattoo to show success within their life, or one to display they have moved out of their home or had sex for the first time. Your body modifications will be personal to you. It gives people the ability to express their lifestyle choices and monumental moments without have to say a word.

Body Modification Develops Physical Endurance:-

Since body changes are not performed by doctors, any type of anaesthesia past over-the-counter soporifics isn’t permitted. That implies that every individual who gets punctured, inked, scarified, or marked, or who gets their tongue split should acknowledge and persevere through whatever level of physical agony accompanies the body modification they need. This reason is for a few people who believe getting altered as an approach to create physical continuance through the pain that is created with in their bodies. 

Body Modification Shows An Affiliation Or Commitment:-

There is a large variety of ways individuals have utilised body modifications all through history to demonstrate their importance of a cause within their community, their alliance with a gathering, or an a personal agreement with a person to their life goal. Military staff regularly get tattoos that element seals and mottoes of their organizations or nation. People who are in love sometimes get a body modification to demonstrate their undying dedication to each other. Tribal societies have utilised changes for a great many years to demonstrate their tribal affiliations and rankings inside their tribes. As much as individuals need to be people, they likewise need to be a part of a community to feel important. Getting a tattoo that displays this psychological requirement for yourself and for others.

Body Modification Can Assist In Spiritual Enlightenment:-

Body Modification can test people’s limits spiritually. People often invest their trust into getting through an activity like fire strolling and fasting for spiritual or psychological reasons. These activities are meant to improve the solidarity of brain, body and soul which are performed with the person’s consent. The inspiration driving the attitude is profound personal development. In the event that you appreciate taking part in body alteration on the grounds that persevering through the physical torment gives you mental lucidity, higher in power, or just opens you up to new encounters that will help you develop as a person. Body modification can an essential mental element driving you.

Body Modification Is A Sign Of Resistance:-

In spite of the developing notoriety of body modification, it’s still essentially a subculture movement. As we’ve laid out above, there are an expansive number of explanations behind individuals to get their body modified, and opposing pop culture, society, government, or higher authorities is one of them. Adolescents carry on by getting inked and punctured, adults individualise their modification to express who they are, and individuals of any age decorate themselves with counter-culture symbolism to demonstrate their imperviousness to the patterns of the masses. 

Body Modification On An Impulse:-

Many have terrible tattoos, awful piercings and different body modifications that they may would have preferred to live without. They have gotten the modification through if they had followed up on a personal desire that may not have been as important as the first felt. Possibly they were inebriated at the time, maybe they needed to do what their companions were doing, or they made a terrible off the cuff choice. Whatever the case, rashness is a genuine main thrust for some individuals who get body modifications. They’re regularly the ones who later search out cures like laser tattoo expulsion, scar treatment medicines, surgery to repair generally extended piercings, and conceal tattoos. These things individuals who deliberately arrange to get a body modification don’t normally need to stress over. Luckily, there are a great deal of tattoo removal companies and health professional accessible now to remove undesired body modifications.

Body Modification Can Be Addictive:-

Some say that it is difficult to stop getting tattoos and piercings after their first one. There is an addictive quality to changing your body. This may be because of the arrival of endorphins and adrenaline that moves through your veins when you encounter pain may be the reason why people get body modifications.

Pick Your Body Modification:-

Whatever your explanation is for getting your body modified you should take your time to consider alternative methods that are non-permanent like sex toys. If you try something which is non-permanent you can remove it at any time you please whilst you experience the sensations of what it is like to have the body modification.  You will need to consider what the motivations are to why you would like being modified.

You should talk to a specialist within the industry you wish to get your body modification from so that you can comprehend what’s driving you and ensure you aren’t doing yourself more harm than good. Body modifications are astonishing for such a large number of reasons, however you may find conflict further down in the track if you make the wrong decision.