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Penis Plugs History | Sex Toy Guide        

It is believed that sex toys dated all the way back to the ancient times during the Paleolithic era. They had found siltstone dildos among everyday items like combs and sewing needles.

People of Greek and Roman decent praised a god named “Dionysus” who was also known as “Bacchus of Liber” a god of fertility and wine. They celebrated Dionysus when they displayed a holy phalluses that was worshiped by a maiden would place flowers on top. Greeks and Romans frequently used dildos to gain sexual satisfaction.

1200AD was the first recorded use of Penis Plugs and cock rings by Chinese nobility. The Chinese were noted to be prestigious designers of sex toys. Rich Chinese men had many wives that they sexually serviced regularly. They invested in phallic looking sex toys made from bronze and other materials to ensure that their wives’ did not cheat. Some of the sex toys had Cum Thru holes to expel liquid at the right times.

In ancient times, the adornment of the penis to restrict ejaculation for the sole purpose of intensifying pleasure was accepted.  It is believed that some of the depictions in the Kamasutra have men that had penis plugs inserted.

In the 1800’s Urethral Sounds were used on women by medical professionals for health reasons. They were made straight or with a slightly curve to increase the size of urethra to avoid blockages or the unblock obstructions. The Urethra Sound stimulated the bladder which caused relief in peeing. They found that many women gained sexual enjoyment when this procedure took place.

Similar versions of Urethral Sounds were used on men by medical professionals to attempt to prevent or remove sexually transmitted diseases. One of the famous scenes in the movie Cat Ballou shows Lee Marvin having a hot rod pushed up the eye of his penis to try and stave off his sexually transmitted infections.

The medical professional used Urethral Sounds mainly on males who contracted gonorrhoea. The Urethral Sound was placed into the opening of the urethra, so he would be able to urinate easier due to the scaring that was caused by Gonorrhoea. Today the Urethral Sounds are considered to be both men’s and women’s sex toys.

In the 1860s, a steam powered vibrator was made. Sex toys were often used by doctors and medical professionals to treat hysteria. Doctors often used their hands to help women achieve orgasm. The medical community found a strong need to use sex toys to aid with sexual health problems and began to use them on their client’s to create effortless pleasure to cure hysteria. The medical profession had normalised the use of sex toys and they were widely accepted in the community.

In the 1990’s Penis Plugs grew in popularity due to the pleasurable sensations people had experienced. People began to use them purely for pleasure and sexual exploration. They become popular when men began to use them to intimate a men’s penis piercing called a Prince Albert. The Prince Albert was a form of penis jewellery.

In the 2000s’, Penis Plugs were bought effortlessly through online sex toy shops and physical adult lifestyle stores. Trusted Penis Plug shops have reliable manufacturers that offer high quality and body safe materials. They also offer discrete and confidential purchase they began to be a well-known sex toy. Alongside online shops were Penis Plug information resources that help people explore their urethral play privately.

Penis Plugs In Bdsm And Fetish Plays, Role-Playing

Baci Linger Medical Nurse Costume Photo
Pic: Medical Fetishism

Due to the history behind Urethral Wands being used for medical purposes. They are also found to be used alongside Wartenburg Wheels and Speculums for Medical Fetishism. Medical Fetishism is when people find sexual gratification from using items of a clinical nature and can often involve roleplaying scenes with doctors and nurses.

Not only are Penis Plug’s used for Medical Fetishism, Solid Penis Plugs can be used within the BDSM community as a replacement for a male chastity device during their sex play to control when the man ejaculates.

Urethral Sex Toys Are Enjoyed In The Bdsm Scene

The use of a catheter with a urethral wand inserted into the bladder causes the wearer to lose all control of their bladder functions. They are dominated and controlled to submit to the abusive situation paired with the feeling of the sensitivity within the penis can be sexually arousing. That is why it’s connected with in the BDSM scene and Piss Play.

Urethral Wands can sexual please people who enjoy pain during sex. People who enjoy pain normally achieved by size selection or how it is used when it is inside the urethra. It is imperative to be careful during urethral play as it is common to get micro tears and a little bit of blood. Sometimes pain can be used during removal of the Urethral Wand.

Some Penis Plugs Can Be Used For Long Term Wear

Penis Plugs have advanced to be worn for long term usage which allow the wearer to go about their daily lifestyle with the sex toy inside the urethra. Long term wearing Penis Plugs are normally smaller in size.  The Cum Thru Penis Plug allows the wearer to urinate, comfortably wear clothes and masturbate. A Cum Thru Penis Plug can be worn for hours though the wearer will have to relubricate frequently. People who use Cum Thru Penis Plugs for a long time need to give their body a rest between uses as they cannot wear a Penis Plug every day for hours.

However, if you enjoy heavy feeling Penis Plugs, they are not usable for long term wear. They won’t have a Cum Thru functionality so you will have to take it on and off for masturbation, ejaculation and if you need to use the toilet.

Enjoy Penis Plugs In Public

It took me time before I got used to the plugs but I can positively say I enjoy using them especially outdoors where no one else has an idea what I have in my pants. I can now use the plugs for extended periods of time as I have gotten used to both of them. Honestly speaking, I can’t decide which is better from the other as they both give different but exquisite sensations. Now I am confident enough to introduce my lady friend into the urethral play game.