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Double Time Cock Plug Chastity Device
Sex Toy: Double Time Cock Plug Chastity Device

Like Apple and Samsung are lead competitors in the mobile phone industry, Penis Plug sex toys have leading brands. Our favourite brands include Hells Couture, BD Style, ElectraStim, Rosebuds Urethral Toys, Sport Fucker and XR Brands. These brands have high quality products that are reliable and safe to use. Below are explanations of each Penis Plug brand.

Hells Couture

Hells Couture is a popular brand that provides 100% body safe and medical grade Surgical Steel Sex Toys that include Penis Plugs, Urethral Sounds and BDSM adult lifestyle products. Hell’s Couture ensures that their products are of quality control. The surgical steel which is used ensures that it won’t cause allergies or harm your body in anyway. The urethra is especially a sensitive area that is prone to urinary tract infections so you will have peace of mind buying Hells Couture.

Hells Couture has a enormous range of penis fittings that grow by day, you will be able to find something which suits your unique personal tastes. They have over 180 unique styles of urethral sex toys. The styles range from unique widths, lengths, textures, functionalities and types.

Hell’s Couture has a monstrous range and is unquestionably the biggest gathering of penis plugs and sounds within Australia and if not the greatest on the planet.

BD Style

BDStyle offers a wide range of urethral sex toys ranging from penis plugs, urethral wands, urethral sounding kits and attachments. They have a prominent range that are sold in online sex toy shops. Their material quality is made from body safe surgical steel and silicone. Their products are made to last a long time whilst providing complete functionality. Although they offer function designs they are extremely visually appealing and eye catching. You will be able to find what you are looking for with BDStyle. BDStyle also offers an affordable price range.


Cyrex Ltd was established in 2001 with the sole aim of sexual lifestyle products which has lead them to create the Elactrastim range. In 2014 their impact within the sexual lifestyle industry was acknowledged for an ETO Award for the Best Specialist Products Distributor, beating some genuine industry rivalry.

A long-time of learning and experience has empowered us to create an imaginative scope of stimulators and cathodes that have made ElectraStim a prominent brand. Electrastim Stimulators are market pioneers in in the world of urethral sex toys for electro-incitement that use the most recent technological advancements. They have took the time to consult with sex toy analysts, retailers and clients alike about what goes into the making of a high quality sex toy.

Our top notch electro sex toys are intended to give you a one of a kind sexual stimulation that supplements a scope of suggestive tastes. Elactrastim utilise a widespread 2mm stick associations for the greater part of their sex toys. This means that their sex toys will not need additional products to make it work. The majority of their urethral sex toys are done to an elevated expectation to give you years of utilization with the correct care. As you would anticipate from any legitimate manufacturer. The majority of their products are supported by a 12 month guarantee. When you purchase an ElectraStim stimulator you can extend the guarantee to 3 years by enrolling your sex toy purchase with us.

There might be less expensive EES gadgets available, however as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Eventually on the off chance that you purchase the correct item in your first run. From purchasing the correct you will be able to save money in the long term. We trust that ElectraStim gives the elevated expectations of creation, security and sexual delight that both beginners and experienced users will gain a lifetime worth of electro play experimentation.

Rosebuds Urethral Toys

Rosebuds Cockpin Yourethra
Sex Toy: Rosebuds Cockpin Yourethra

Rosebuds is a luxurious and higher end urethral sex toy company. They have a beautiful and select choice urethral sex toys that are delicately designed to provide perfect amounts of urethral stimulation. Their designs are likened to a type of genital jewellery that can be used to draw attention to a women’s or man’s private area. They are crafted with genuine Swarovski crystals and are made from stainless steel. Some have stoppers and glans rings that are separated from the actual Penis Plug but are connected through carefully planned design. The designs are made to look like the colours silver or bronze.

Sport Fucker

Sport Fucker is one of the most experienced sex toy companies that produce a massive range of sex toys and BDSM lifestyle products. Sport Fucker is known for their humble selection of wonderfully smooth medical grade urethral sex toysSport Fucker Sex Toys are one of the only companies that produce high quality Penis Plugs using silicone materials. Their designs are made with functionality and dependability in mind whilst offering a range of colours from blue, red, grey and black. Their silicone range of urethral sex toys are gently bendable and are a great option for anyone looking to deep their feet into the world of urethral play and would like one of the most comfortable experiences possible.

Xr Brands

A fast growing adult lifestyle manufacturer in America has made a range of urethral sex toys that are made to last with functionality of design being their main goal. Their designs display a mark of strength and confidence. The materials that are used include high quality body safe silicone made with different colours as well as high quality body safe surgical steel. XR Brands are made to suit all different personal styles. XR Brands brings different functionalities to the table like vibration, textures, widths and sprinklers.