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Penis Plugs History

Karmasutra Kajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India Building Photo

It is believed that sex toys dated all the way back to the ancient times during the Paleolithic era. They had found siltstone dildos among everyday items like combs and sewing needles…. [Read More]


Penis Plug Brands

Double Time Cock Plug Chastity Device Photo

Like Apple and Samsung are lead competitors in the mobile phone industry, Penis Plug sex toys have leading brands. Our favourite brands include Hells Couture, BD Style, ElectraStim, Rosebuds Urethral Toys, Sport Fucker and XR Brands….[Read More]


Penis Plugs, Penis Enlargement & Erectile Dysfunction

Women Shocked at Man's Penis Size Photo

Men can have a wide range of anxieties about their penis including any scars, warts, moles, shape, odd colouring, freckles, pubic hair and cum taste. Or maybe you find yourself asking questions like “Will my penis size be big enough this time?…[Read More]


Penis Plug And Painful Pleasure

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Penis Plugs can be used within a controlled and safe environment that prevents harm to the body. During urethral play with a Penis Plug, the wearer will pay attention to the tightness of the penis plug whilst is stretches the urethra to become wider,…[Read More]


Penis Plugs And Body Modification

Woman with Nose Piercing and Body Modification Photo

Body modification has been happening for centuries and is a form of self-expression. The reasoning behind why people are motivated to make such changes may include personal taste, enhance the look of the body and the marking….[Read More]